Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Megat Rave the Beatboxer

I promise a friend from facebook that I promote his talent through my blog which is suppose to be yesterdays post but who cares xD. He's an amazing beatboxer! Do you know what's the meaning of Beatbox? (at first idk what's the meaning of beatbox lol i tot it was something else) why explain when I could show you himself! :D.

This was one of his latest in YouTube. So take a look here if you wish to see what he can do more.

He's also the same age as me xD . Born in 1991. Real name is Megat Syariffudin and yes a Muslim. Told me that he's born in [Sabah,Ranau] but at a young age he moves to KL to school there and said to have forgotten how to use sabahan slang, haha xD. From the day I first had a conversation with him he's so open-minded and kind...... kind enough to give me his number haha xD .

He's not like any other Malay guys you find that speaks rotten english. His english is good o.o far out good! even good than mine ^-^ . Well I guess that's what you get for schooling in a school full of chinese :D , he said that he's the only one in class that's muslim with lots of chinese friends. Should I continue? I think I brag to much about him.
So anyway to keep contact with him either go to his facebook (Megat Beatbox) or his Friendster.

Hey Megat!! I promote you already. Don't forget our deal! ^-^ you promise to treat me!! okay?!


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