Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Megat Rave the Beatboxer

I promise a friend from facebook that I promote his talent through my blog which is suppose to be yesterdays post but who cares xD. He's an amazing beatboxer! Do you know what's the meaning of Beatbox? (at first idk what's the meaning of beatbox lol i tot it was something else) why explain when I could show you himself! :D.

This was one of his latest in YouTube. So take a look here if you wish to see what he can do more.

He's also the same age as me xD . Born in 1991. Real name is Megat Syariffudin and yes a Muslim. Told me that he's born in [Sabah,Ranau] but at a young age he moves to KL to school there and said to have forgotten how to use sabahan slang, haha xD. From the day I first had a conversation with him he's so open-minded and kind...... kind enough to give me his number haha xD .

He's not like any other Malay guys you find that speaks rotten english. His english is good o.o far out good! even good than mine ^-^ . Well I guess that's what you get for schooling in a school full of chinese :D , he said that he's the only one in class that's muslim with lots of chinese friends. Should I continue? I think I brag to much about him.
So anyway to keep contact with him either go to his facebook (Megat Beatbox) or his Friendster.

Hey Megat!! I promote you already. Don't forget our deal! ^-^ you promise to treat me!! okay?!


Thursday, March 05, 2009

Snake outside my house!

ARGH!! This is just crap! =__=" when I was happily texting with Sheng Hong. Then suddenly my mum come in the room saying there's a snake outside. Like what else?! won't you say wtf also?? >.< lol, :D but it is kinda fun seeing a real cobra!! yes it's a cobra.. but it's a small one >.> but poisonous >.< hopefully not one of my dog been beaten though.

Sorry maybe it's not enough prove that there's a snake outside my house but that's where the snake hid itself and >.> i wasn't allowed to get near it.. that's wat my neighbour said

If that's not enough prove then i show the firemen la!!

^.^ is this prove enough??


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Me speak spanish?

I chatted with a spanish dude from.. chile. >.> Anyway that dont matter. Me and him just talk in spanish. Lol, and if some of you know me by now i dont know any word in spanish except 'gracias', 'excelente' and w/e kind of word that you know la :D. Here's our conversation through facebook...

Oh, Takeshi isn't his real name. He told me in spanish that Takeshi Mutsuda is his idol in Yaoi(Gay) drawings.

I start to getting bored at copy and paste the word -__- so i want to talk in english.

But he stil want to speak in spanish!! >.< Bulllfrog!! Fine we talk la only =] beside it's fun learning also.. jajajajaja xD

Wonder how i can speak in spanish? well actually.. i never even learn or start having a spanish class... i just went to this site. It translate english to spanish or any kind of langguage :D kinda useful but also complicated.. you need to copy and paste it again if you dont want any mistake to happen lol. ^^ and that's how i can speak spanish.. GRACIAS A TODOS!! xD


Sunday, March 01, 2009

Outing with my buddies - Part 3

Lol, i still not done yet :) .

Finally, Perosa's Adik angkat that she never met before is about to show himself today! :D i was excited and when i ask if he's a guy then she kept on saying 'it's a guy' so okay before i gonna talk about that, me and JJ camwhore with our baverage. lol.

Idk why suddenly i say this but.. it's like im camwhoring with an auntie lol..sepa la kasih make up ko

Wonder where were we? no idea xD just a best place for our private camwhore it's uber embarrassing if everyone kept on looking at us haha

Ok! so cheers!

Since that's over. We head to the place where we gonna meet Perosa's adik angkat haha xD. Well she the one that should be meeting him because.. they never meet before. Then something happen! o.O well not happen.. just something shocking thing that gave everyone a surprise! ...Perosa's pet brother is actually... a pet sister! o.O 'she' is a tomboy.. a penkit (is tat how it spelled)..

Hahaha! xD so close.. and you should see both of them talking through the phone with such close distance.. lol

Me, JJ and Perosa's little sister was just standing there looking. Oh how funny it is to see the truth! xD and my stomach still hurts just thinking about it now.

They finally end up meeting juga lol


Outing with my buddies - Part 2

So let's continue.. and if you haven't read my last post. Well read it now or later.

So we accompanied Zawani to a shop called Eaton? I think that's how it spelled xD and sorry I haven't quite gone out that much so i sometimes forgot the spelling of the place, lol. When Zawani and Ayne was around we didn't take much pics though. There is but looks kinda not interesting from the way i look at it so i dont think of uploading it xD. Sorry.

Zawani did however introduced us to a friend of hers. We talked about work 'if anyone of us found one' and also 'where JJ and Ayne is?'. When i saw Ayne i was amazed how she transform :D she look like a glowing pearl. Her skins so white like she never been out in her life. Same also goes to JJ la. It's funny how we play her mind that Perosa have access to an internet in the computer thingy that i talk about in my previous post :) lol.

Okay let's get down with the photo's.

This is when we got seperated with Zawani and Ayne when JJ arrived. Btw, i took their pics

It's not like we lost them. Just Ayne really turn into a sho-pa-holic. lol, cuz she already received her paycheck from working in Sutera so she wants Zawani to accompany her la go buy buy stuff.

Si Perosa x abis2 maw main sms, dia tu b'ckp sma adik angkat dia konon lol xD and i close my eyes because adik Perosa x pandai tangkap gambar properly la -___-

Actually i havent got enough sleep from last night that evening >.> . I really getting addicted with MySpace and other websites that i went through. I just need to see more, lol ^-^.

Dont blame me for editing.. i just feel like i want too that's all :3 lol

Lol, i just cant spoil you people with to much pictures here unless i feel that i have to la. So here's what JJ took. It was her idea and it's not mine! lol.. so as for me I gonna give a title "How to Get down?" lol with no edits cuz to lazy. .-.




#4 this one blur because i move my face to fast lol

It's ridiculously lame how she wants me to raise both of my arms to show victory lol xD no way im doing that cuz i think its more embarrassing.


Outing with my buddies

I finally decided to go out and meet my friends. Perosa or Per 'pronounciation is like pair'(that's what we call her) invited me so yeah. I go la. Esther pissed me off when I knew she canceled on us just so she could hang out with Sidah and Melissa. I dont mind about Melissa.. just Esther should have told us the truth that she was going out with Sidah... other than lying to us. Nevertheless, I caught her red handed when she was going up the escalator.

Sigh, so let's just forget about that. She already texted me and told me the reason why she bail on us like that. :( seriously, i dont forgive her. I mean, from before tomorrow i've already asked her before Sidah.. Idk, maybe they lama sudah discussed nak go out. So anyway moving on!

At 1(something)pm i've already arrived to KK :) and all i have to do that time was just waiting for Perosa. When she arrived the first thing she said was "Knp ko bertambah pendek nie?", really la -__- no hi.. so to me i guess that's a 'Hi' (i think). Oh and btw, she brought her sister along as well.. Me, her, and her sister gonna go to palm square until we stumbled on a rm600 photography camera (desperately want it) and it's full set! :O . It's was really regretful not taking a picture of it since I have a digital camera with me that time :/ but i guess i was too surprise to remember xD lol.

So we went to palm square. The first person to arrived to was Zawani.

Zawani is the one that's wearing the pink tudung, the tall one is Perosa and the tiny & chubby girl is me

Hoho, silly Zawani never change.. well a bit.. she's now less annoying :D that's good! i can now poke and hold her stuff without her being mad at me.. >.> but i guess i should not over do it.. haha... it's like almost an hour and still no sign of JJ and Ayne. Oh yeah, stupid me.. -__- i forgot to mension before Zawani came Perosa was trying to log in friendster in a 'Study in Australia' computer thingy.

This is the thing that she's playing, that's her. She have nice legs, agree? :O jealous nie cuz mine so short and i still dont know what's this computer-like machine is called xD. Gawd I'm so stupid...

See what she do..

wtf? o.O haha xD its just funny.. the more she types the screen just looks the same

There's a lot i like to talk about but i understand to some people have troubles going in someone's blog and cant view their picture :(. I've been through that a lot so I gonna only put some pics for today and starts making another part 2 later :).


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