Monday, June 15, 2009

My times before going to NS are up

Starting today I wont be blogging for 3 months liao. You know why? Because I already in NS with my mates (who are not actually in the same camp with me which is so so so sad). I still haven't bought enough items for my NS so today will be the best opportunity to go buy. In the afternoon we already start going out. But first we need to send Sarah to my mum's office :/ cuz she haven't quite finish her Geo project.

I don't feel like editing my pictures even if I know one website that could. I still think photoshop can make it look more nicer :/ So I just gotta wait for it la. Anyway, my sister and my mom were in the office. Sarah 'did' finish her Geo project actually all she have to do now is just print it out.. but unfortunately she have to type it all over again because she left her pindrive at home.

So meanwhile, me and Sam went to Wisma Merdeka (while waiting for my sis and mum). I thought we just went for a drive around the place then suddenly he wants me to go to Japan Boat Takoyaki inside Wisma just to buy him food.. as if I know where that is -.- I mean I lama never go out he expect me to go find this place? He also said Carol (Sam's gf) would be there so finally I just went la. I saw Carol and she was like surprise seeing me finally out from my cave xD

She didn't talk much like she use too. Forgot to tell you Carol works there and so we talk for a while then after that I started to order. I have no idea what menu they have so I just told Carol "Si Sam yang mau". I guess she understands what I mean even if I don't clearly make any sense so while she was putting ingredients on the meat balls Sam already was beside me. Looking at it make me lose my appetite because it doesn't look satisfying. Sam asked me if I want one too. So I was like erm.. it's okay I take the second one then Carol suddenly look at me shockingly.

Because she was adding a lot of spices on the meatballs just to screw with Sam. Haha, so I just ordered the original only la if like that.

Looks like a boat :] nice!

Okay okay..

When I first look at it.. I don't know if I should put it in my mouth I scare I might spit it back out but still I got no choice I already bought it. When it went into my mouth suddenly I felt like those people in Yakitate Japan :D ya know~ when you eat something so delicious you will start imagining something that makes you so so happy xD . Sam said it taste more delicious if you just put it all into your mouth so I did what he said but still it tasted the same xD . You people better try this out! I guarantee you, you wont regret :D

Fatal Frame

Camwhore inside the car still waiting for them. Here I suck in my cheeks xD so you people wont see the bulatness

Few minutes later, they finally arrived xD . So when we already dropped Sarah in her school now is time to go to 1B (1borneo). That time I was text messaging JJ.. thought of bringing her along but she was with Jeremiah so I just don't want to interfere with her love life lor. They said 1B already finish but when I go there still it's half incomplete la. You people are liar or just probably blind! When Sam already found a parking spot inside the parking lot we then went to the toilet. I don't want to go just my mum can't hold it any longer lol.

I saw a pretty cool place to sit down :O but in this picture I don't look as if I'm proud because I was trying to act as if I don't give a damn

How come I take picture wont be so blur and when my brother took a picture of me it will =__=

Mum ask us where should we eat. Sam suggested KFC but I don't want KFC :( they give me gas. Then I ask my mum we should go to Manhattan Fish Market.. my excuse were it be my last meal before going to NS, LOL! xD . I forgot the name of the food we ordered..

This one hard to finish need 4 people to finish then can finish, lol.

The drinks I ordered was Tropical breeze.

Need to stir it so you could taste the flavor in it :)

Manhattan Fish Market is the best than the one I had in KL but if I can recall >__> I did say the same thing with my past time post but I think I've already deleted it.

Next is to Daiso

In here I bought 'some' stuff that needed for NS but there's some stuff I bought that's really not got to do anything with NS it's mostly for what I want actually xD . I just can't help it if it looks so cute. Beside all of the stuff in Daiso is Rm5 only! unlike 'Kedai 2 ringgit($2.00)' -_- why bother calling the shop 2 ringgit when there's some stuff there higher than Rm2.00 haiyo~.

What do I tell ya.. everything there is Rm5 xD

And omgosh people in Japan they got the longest bubble gum!

This is a bubble gum o.o and it is not a stick >.<

The inside of the bubble gum xD

So after 1B we head to Karamunsing Mall after that CKS (need to speed things up because I need to get to bed) I finally got all the things I wanted :] so at home here are the stuff I bought in Daiso.

Some of the things I bought were so cool! Like the fake ear but I forgot to take a picture of it. D: but I did took a picture of this thing that I bought.

I can't read japanese but I think the picture it's easy to tell

Sarah and I were outside. We just can't wait to see how it would look like.




It looks like something's burning which is not good enough! D:

I knew I should've bought the green one but the hell.. =__= I bought the red one instead -___-" shit. Oh and here's a crappy video of us with the 'dead aura' which is so obviously fake! :] to us la.




So guys! :D I be going going to NS tomorrow so wish me the best of luck. Hope I could live and take lots of picture xD just hopefully. Cya!


Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Crocodile Farm - p3

The answer is pigs... wild pigs

And watch a video of em.

>_> I know your laughing (if your Sabahan la that understand my language). I can’t control my voice when something so smelly. Lol. They should really try giving those animals a bath. -_-

After that we walk until my feet starts getting tired because all that non-stop walking (lama already I never walk like this that's why). We rest near some big pond or is it lake? O.o never mind I’m learning -.- here’s a picture of what I’m trying to say lol.

Nice kan the environment? :] can have romantic get-a-way konon :D I saw a crocs mouth open :O

I wonder how long it could do that

Another 2 crocs >_> .

Big big big! Just lucky it’s in a cage... *shivers* I hate reptiles

Okay that’s the end of our adventure. Nah, just kidding I forgot to take some picture of some animal when I first walk in so I went back to take em la.

Here’s 2 peacocks... I think that white one is a peacock but not sure xD .. My sister said it looks like a Prince and Princess lol xD

There’s a big one with a pretty tail that but it was far from me so my camera cannot take that kind of distance even if I want it to. I did pass this place but my auntie said that we can come back later -_- . Haiyo, come back until it already far from me. Actually that peacock really likes to show off himself. When there’s a lot of people around it will fly near them and starts being... well show off la xD .

There are a lot of alligators but I forgot to put it in from my first part oh. Sorry. Guess not much time.


Ew~ just gross for me

There’s a python. Hate hate hate reptiles!

I think it’s sleeping

Over and over again another crocodile but there’s reason for it to be put inside a single cage.

The tail is gone.. for a cicak I guess can grow back but I dont know much about crocs one la

Then the flesh eating Piranha..

Me taking pic with em.. sweating bah me because walk far far lol :)

Last time when I was in Aquaria (post deleted because of stupid boyfriend) at KLCC there the Piranha were so small owh but here in Crocodile Farm it’s kinda bigger than your fist. I wonder in 1 borneo already finish their seapark? ._.

Next part will post soon :] .

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Crocodile Farm - p2

’Wild Life’ My sister was inside first lol

This is where most of the crocs live :O but to bad you can’t see them in action because all of them were asleep (thank god). Some even put in cages for own purpose but will get to that once I done walking through the Wild Life.

Swimming in their own shyt... I wonder how they shyt look like? hmm o.o it's not like I'm want to find out or anything >.>

Tourist or maybe local were there also (just 2 people only). They were like talking to me kindly and I respond to them lo... in a nice way la of course. But still I felt awkward not saying goodbye to them.. I just that time walk only haiz. >_> I don’t know why oh... I just hate not saying goodbye to nice people.. but to bad and ugly people -_- well that probably be a different story.

I saw one croc’s mouth been crooked. Is that the right word for bengkok?

I am so not kesian

I’m sorry I am not to good with big english words >_> . So anyway, if you continue looking at my pictures I even spot one croc in the mud! Woo! Maybe you guys will obviously see it also la -_- if I can see it then I guess you can too.

Mud bath eh..looks so relax

There’s one I thought it was a croc.. but no... it's worst.. eh wait croc even worst than this =_=".. but this really bad also oh (for me la).. anyway just go see la you people..

It was a freaking giant biawak!!

I saw in discovery channel(obsessed) that when a Biawak or in english I forgot. They stand up and hug the other Biawak until one of them gives up. I know hearing it sound really stupid but it's so true. Watching it even more funnier lol xD . Macam2 la animal now.

Look at those tyres... big oh that reptile or croc if you want to call it -.- and it look like it didn't get enough food.. on a diet i think o.o

Listen here about Crocs and Alligators :O

"they are an ancient lineage, and are believed to have changed little since the time of the dinosaurs. They are believed to be 200 million years old whereas dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago; crocodiles survived great extinction events"

actually I know about it when I watched discovery channel (again obsessed) long long time ago when I was like 14 or something.. wanted to write myself but don't know the right word to say.

So I googled it out and found it lo in wikipedia. Internet save the day again xD

There’s also the porcupine almost miss this one.

Cute to see... Bad to hold

God... almost like a cicak leh

Finally out of the swamp full of sleeping reptiles and porcupine! And in front of me was a big cage. For only one small monkey -.- ...actually at first I thought it was a baboon but baboon mostly will scratch their butt and have colorful ugly face ._. but this one look so ordinary and sorry I didn’t took a picture because it was trying so hard walking here and there showing off to me and Sarah how awesome it walks konon. -_-

Yeah like who be stupid enough to want to hold a monkey before even reading the sign

Then something shocked me! When I look up it was-

A freaking giant cardboard bat. Whoever made this sure like to scare visitors -.- geez .I'm not scared just shock only.. maybe a little scared la o_o"

I thought there would be bats but all I see are owls.

It's right in the middle

I know you guys might not be wondering but I make you wonder only la! Ever wonder where my mom and auntie were? well the answer is that they were walking by themselves while me and Sarah go by ourselves also but Sarah this... =_= like to wander off until in the other end... saw her looking at the monkey.

Sometimes I can be pretty protective >_> if I think “where’s Sarah?” my first thought will be “Holy shit she must be eaten by the crocodiles!!” but she’s not sometime can worried for my mom and auntie too -.- omgosh like they’re like old people for christ sake! (even if auntie know how to drive a pretty good looking car :O vios oh!).

Game time! I spy with my ‘chinese-looking-eyes’ are fat, hairy and smelly! and No! it’s not human ^__^ lol.

Catch it on in part 3 soon! :D

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Crocodile Farm

Yay! I’m now in Crocodile Farm! :D . And again 14 and above is adult and still have to pay extra -_- . Oh yeah I wont be uploading a lot of picture in here if want to see more just go to one of my profiles.

Here’s my ticket to go in yo :D

Lol, when I first step in I thought Crocodile farm was just for crocodile but when I look around there are also different kind of animal even Sarah was also surprise and start making joke about it. Sure I saw some crocs :] they were long and fat :O and the water so damn dirty!

Where’s the croc? :D

Can you see it? :]

Swimming in their own poo

So after them I saw other kind of animal like the otter.

Cute little otter! :O even cuter when I see them taking a leaf and put it in their mouth while running inside the small little house of theirs! Argh! xD

Then I saw an Eagle. I think the eagle was the funny one.

Just stand still... the bird like taking picture wei! xD LOL

Here's a comic about the eagle :]

After that I saw a bear :O can't tell what kind of it though but it's a black bear :] looks pretty harmless.. >_> but we can't judge anything by it's cover especially a bear.

How the hell little kids suppose to see it? Sit on their father's back? what if they suddenly fell in? better they make a glass wall or something so it be easier =_= I like have to climb on something just to see them. Sudahlah I short.. even if I wore a 1 inch shoe that time I still couldn't see the bear for to long haiyo lol lucky my camera didn't shake when I took it.

Ohh! there's a adorable monkey! :D

The monkey kept on making noises as if it really want to get out. Well... from the looks of the picture like it really does. I feel sorry for the monkey though but it's for that monkey's own good or else it will end up like the 'Bear Cat'.

When I say Bear Cat I meant it. A half bear and a half cat.

There it is a Bear Cat.. climbs like a bear xD and looks like a cat

It was so cute but look so dangerous a bit. O.o look at it's left cheek.. something attack it real bad and for that I really really felt sorry for it T_T lucky the people there save it before anything happen to it. Did you know that this Bear Cat goes Meow? xD I'm serious. Haha. Then we met the ostricth.

This is my first time ever being near an ostritch and the hell?? is this how they look like when close up? O.o

So people you ready to see more crocs?! :D wait for part 2.

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