Friday, October 30, 2009

I like the name Momoka

I like the name Momoka so I gonna name myself that :). I've gotta forget about the past and start living forward like the cartoon I saw Meet The Robinson. But somehow I still keep on looking back whenever I felt like viewing my ex's profile in facebook. Sure you probably think I still love him but that's going to change for sure and it's for my own good also, I know myself better than anyone else.

I can't say that I'm liking being single just the only thing I don't like is that after a break up. Sigh, he look so happy at what he's doing now sarrounding by pretty girls. I guess that's why he don't want me back anymore because everything he want is there so I'm happy for him and I shouldn't be jealous about it anymore because it's really over.

So anyway why I need to be down in the dump for I'm not a widow lol. I have friends not to mention that I also need to achieve my goal in the future and that's not include finding a husband. Oh btw I probably need to change my layout again because I just felt like it. So anyway, today was just the same like any other boring day. Early in the morning I went to the kitchen and cooked myself fried noodle but it’s not really fried just been soaked haha oh and eggs too.

After eating I wait for a couple hours then start to work out. It wasn’t a long work out though because I tend to get tired real easily xD like 20 minute is enough for me. I then watched Keroro because I missed yesterday’s episode so luckily the re-run is on 11am yay! I just love those reptiles. Oh I heard there’s a Halloween Party but unfortunately I can’t go because I don’t want people looking at my figure when I wear any costume -.-“ wish I could lose some pound! D: huhuhu! >_< and that’s why everyday I try controlling my eating habits and exercise on daily bases.

It’s almost evening and still no clue on what to do. I was hella bored! So I decided to steal I mean borrow some of my sister’s make ups and camwhore in my room.

I want new hair, I don’t like having long black hair anymore I felt like doing something new with it. Hey people take a look at my Halloween face.

Sorry I have to edit this because my original picture can’t see clearly. So choose which is better? But somehow both look extremely hideous xD well that’s the point of Halloween lar. Next time I try making myself look like a zombie :p. oh I just remembered when daddy just got from Bangkok he bought me a handphone case. It was blank at first but then



I sew it. It’s not complete yet and I know lar look very noob hehe. Okay that's my normal day. Sorry if it not very exciting.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Strangely, I'm Pink.

If you must know anything about me, I’m the kind of girl that likes thinking a lot. Thinking cause me stress and whenever I’m stress I start getting a lot of blemishes and spots on my face not forgetting losing amount of hair T_T.

Here’s the unpleasant picture that you people might not like to see. I’m also upset with how I look if only I don’t have this kind of condition, sigh. Just no matter how many times I go for facial it still coming back. I just can’t stop thinking about it you know so I play with make ups to calm myself.

I saw one of my friend’s blog and she’s pretty good at Gyaru Make Up.

It somehow inspires me to try it too. So I went to Daiso to buy some stuff. The reason I buy in Daiso is that everything I want is there, believe me everything is there not just beauty products. Here is my simple cheap stuff I bought to look Gyaru.

I chose the thick Eye Lashes because it stands out more than the thin one and make sure if you buy this it must have glue inside of it as well(I don’t know what they call it I just call it ‘glue’ only lar). Please just don’t use the real glue otherwise it won’t come off and aside from that it hurts your skin but I know your not entirely that stupid :P.

Liquid Eye Liner is very good, this make your eyes look pretty when you’re applying your lashes on.. it’s hide the fakeness. If you think using liquid is hard just buy the pencil one but I tell you la liquid more quicker if you’re good at handling it.

And of course what can we do without Eye Shadows. This can also be use for foundation. I don’t know where to find the real one(foundation) but when I have time I try and go buy lor maybe at Daiso have already. As I continue..

If you look at my skin properly in this picture there’s a difference.. don’t you think my skin look like it been tanned? Not just that you can’t even see my zits, scars and panda eyes, right? (probably the heavy make up I use or camera that makes a bit blur maybe) Well thanks to make up anyway.. ^-^ that I look more nicer than before hehe.. Sorry.. I also hate sounding annoying when I said that. So anyway, here’s a video I found in YouTube to make you look Gyaru it teaches about the eyes.

I didn’t make a video because I don’t have enough confidents to show my face yet so I let you show a picture instead. Here’s a simple trick that’s cheap. There’s a lot of different lipstick that girls like spending on so I have a new simpler way to safe budget.

First you apply lipstick on your lip. (By the way if you’re really doing this I must warn you that it might ‘stain’ if your lip touches anything like drinking from a glass, eating food or anything that’s got to do with your lips.)

Next you choose which colour from the make up set but as for me I choose the silver.

Lastly you rub everywhere on your lip. (Sorry.. I’m just bad at explaining)

Amazing how fake eye lashes combine with eye liner make your eyes look bigger wei :D

Well I should stop right here. All I could say now is that I need extension because my hair looks so thin huhu.. @__@ haiz.. wish I have the money to dye my hair golden brown.. if can lar. So hope you enjoy the tutorial.. well I think it’s a tutorial to me.. I think it’s mostly an introduction on Gyaru lol. If you need more info on this just google’d it out.

Good night my peeps lotsa love from me :3


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A japanese boy gave me a kiss *shy*

It all started when I went out to get some fresh air. I hang out with some random people and I felt free for the first time because I don’t need anyone in my life at the moment. Got in to a bit of trouble because I guess I was too wild, lol. But it was worth experiencing something like that since I always stuck in my tower knowing the outside world can be too extreme. Strange? I know. Time pass by and it’s time to head home, out of no where I saw my little cousin I just can’t leave her alone so I decided to send her home first. On my way, I saw a shop I didn’t know existed so I went in to look around. It was a small shop fill with instruments and junk. At the counter I saw a middle old man, my first guess was he must be the owner of this shop. Oh there’s a boy there too he and the owner speak Japanese to each other.

I was like wow.. Japanese people! (Of course it’s normal to think that way) and the boy there look so cute.. let’s see if I can describe him.. he was a bit taller than me, in his gym wear, black hair.. not the perfect guy in the world but he is definitely cute and omg he’s Japanese but what’s the point.. I’m no match with other girls nowadays.. beside I’m on my time out in relationships. When I look outside I saw my ex boyfriend and here’s where the silly but oh-so heart-warming moment starts. I turn around real quick not to show my face to my ex then shockingly that Japanese boy was in front of me. I have no idea why he was in front of me though all I think about is that hoping my ex doesn’t see me. Suddenly! He(the Japanese guy) grabs my arms, look deeply into my eyes and gave me a deep passionate kiss. I felt like there’s a thousand fireworks shooting into the sky.. it was all a sudden but strangely an amazing feeling. When he look at me he then say ”s-sorry” in his cute accent. I was somehow just standing there looking very much in love smiling like a crazy person. So my cousin came in and drags me out but my expression still doesn’t change I just kept looking at him while my cousin tries her best to push me.

He just look at me with his innocent smile.. sigh, wish someone like that exist. Too bad it’s just a dream.. I be surprise if you people think this is real. Like duh.. my ex is in KL and I’m still in KK and it’s very rare for Japanese people be living in Sabah and I’d be crazy enough to think that my ex would come here. Cheh. I don’t think it would happen also. Being a girl sucks if your the one do everything for him. All guys ever do is like going closer to other girls and taking more picture with them than you. Hmph. I felt under appreciated. Opps! I'm sorry I'm sorry I should stop complaining about it.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

I refuse I refuse I refuse!

My part 2 trying to move on. Geez I hate making my blog into a love nonescene thingy whatever. Yes! I tried going out shopping doing everything I want!

Damn and still can't get you out of my mind but at least I'm not crying terribly like before I think I need more time. Not just that I feel like going out with my mates but unfortunately they all have started studies while mine starts on january next year... ish stupid NS.

I'm all alone going mad at home. Connection at home not connecting properly! I don't want to be like the movie 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'(I don't know if thats the last name) just she reminded me of myself but I never sleep with another guy and I think I'm more like her ex because I like DDR and silly music... it's painful to see an ex that you spend so much being with someone else?

I hate that movie! it has lowered my life span. Sooner or later I feel like dying but no... I don't want that to happen. Grr! I wanna listen to Paramore!

Although it might not show tat 'I got him' or destroying his new gf reputation or anything. It's just giving me this cool vibe showing to me that I should live on and enjoy life.


Lastly this..

She understand what everyone goes through.. I wish to be strong like her

PS: For the ever first time I rejected a guy that offers me to be his gf while I'm still single. Feels good though.. for saying 'no' to him I mean.. just hated being heart broken.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Love has it limits

I’m surprise who texted me last night.. and maybe you wanna know who, yes?

Well it was Teacher Thye, he thought us moral back at NS princess haliza. Can’t you believe it? Haha, not only that it was 8.57pm and I was asleep.. well almost.. sure it was early but I had issue with something and because of that issues it made me woke up at 2 something am. I can’t sleep I had to talk about it to someone but this time it has to be a guy I’m tired talking problems to girls I need a new way to keep my confidents up a little so that is to talk about it to a guy.

You don’t know how relieve I was after saying my heart out to Megat. He’s such an awesome friend listening to my problem unlike Ming Ming already sent 2 messages and suddenly he disappear but I guess I should understand lar it is late maybe he was really sleepy after coming back from work. Sigh, okay I’m tired of hiding the facts. I ‘was’ still with Roshan but now officially break up and this time for real. He found someone else.. out of no where he confesses to me that he dated someone behind my back while we were still together.

I don’t want to tell anyone including my closes friends, I’m sorry. There’s reason I did this it was because I sense that we might be breaking up again and I’m embarrass to tell people

hey we finally back together
hey erm….. we broke up

It’s like a circle of an unending love that I still not sure yet if we are really meant for each other and now the circle has finally broken. So everyone I’m okay now.. for now at least.. just I hope I wont end up having another relationship with someone else for the time being. I’m too scared that it might happen again, however I need to relax and heal myself. Oh and I start exercising I need to get back in shape.. I don’t want to let a guy pleasure me all the time so I hope I can live my life being single and happy all the time.

God give me the strength to move on! Feel like changing my number.


Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Human are the Savages

You tell me what good reason for you to kill something that didn't do any harm to us? are you that desperate to eat? ANIMAL HAVE FEELING! ANIMAL ALSO WANTS TO LIVE! don't that remind you of someone? don't you think it remind you of 'yourself'.. you heartless souls. If you say that you don't care whether you live or die that means you not meant to be on earth.

Here is what you vicious people do to them. We all know that these kind of animal are harmful nonetheless friendly! but the kangaroo you could say they can sometimes be friendly but still they don't kill people even if they wanted to, they have brains unlike those who just acts without thinking... and that who I like to call rednecks, fuckers, fagots and whatever nasty words.

Aside from that, I found one video while watching these heartbreaking videos.

Did you know that Cola mix with Mentos causes death? well first watch this video.

Just imagine that kind of combination starts to reacts in your tummy. So avoid this.. mostly avoid drinking cola. Cola isn't healthy okay it only good at making you fat and weak. Like in the commercial Britney Spears, Pink and Beyonce promoting Cola using The Queen's song 'We Will Rock You' and look how they turn out.

There's no Beyonce's picture because she's the only person that knows how to take care of her figure hehe.


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