Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Spring - p2

I saw a book store and wanted to see inside.

There’s nothing interesting there. Don’t feel in a reading mood... then after that my sis went to Parkson then to another shop just to find clothes for her. My feet that time hurts :( so I sat down lar. God long time I never jalan2 that’s why @.@ .

Okay, so moving on. Then we head to Starbucks because I’m so damn thirsty and this is my first time going in :] .

Ordered the vanilla blended thingy... I don’t know just Sarah was ordering it for me since I got no energy to order myself. Then I ordered something to eat also.

Beef Pie. Tasty :D

So Starbucks is the place I spend my money lar :] . So mom called saying where we were. At that time we already out from Starbucks then we tried finding her and auntie in the 2nd floor. At that time I start being selfish and I hate myself for it :( . Sorry mom I still love you bah. Anyway, we all went to the 1st floor to buy some grocery and then I saw...

Magic Bite. I didn’t get the chance to taste this one because mom didn’t buy lar. So whatever lar.. don’t care also :p

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The Spring

So after staying in that neighbourhood for 'I don't know how long'. Auntie decided to take us to this shopping mall 'The Spring'.

Actually Sarah wanted to buy some stuff for her friends and mostly for herself. So auntie was kind enough to take us shopping lar :] while using mommy's money of course xD .

Nice also.. :O boleh tahan juga Sarawak lol

My Aunt said that this is like the only modern shopping mall in Sarawak.. or was it Kuching? O.o I forgot but also don't care -_- I'm not going to live here wat. Some stuff there are cheap compare to KK and KL. But not everything there is cheap.. haiz~. Anyway, my mom and auntie wanted to take a break while me and Sarah really want to see more of the place inside the mall.

So mom gave us each rm100 :] to spend it on but not to much or else not enough -.- . While they rest inside the Big Apple the first place me and Sarah go was the 2nd floor. The first that caught my eye was this stall in the middle :O .

Got real cute stuff owh. But I didn't buy even if I really want it. I guess I don't know what to use it for...

Then in this shop called..

Memory Lane

Again.. I really want this bunny pirate inside :O and didn't even buy it =/ and I don't know why also -.- I got the money but didn't even go and try pampered myself, lol. So whatever lar :] since I'm not buying anything I just go window shopping or just looking around. There's this Toy shop called Wonder Toys..?

The counter cute also lar :D

Well so yeah xD got many interesting toys including the one you all firmiliar of as well :]

Sarah and the monster in Monster Inc. I forgot the name lol

Sarah and Cookie Monster

Wait for part 2 :]

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Flowery Mood - p2

Here's my part 2 :] . Sorry for not talking much like I use too. I don't know what to talk about about flowers or whatever just that they are so lovely to see xD

Among all...

This is my favorite :D

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Flowery Mood

Is it nice? I took it all by myself when I was in the park :] saw em and felt like testing my photography skill xD . If still noob.. well hope can improve oh. A better camera quality make everything so pretty :] . But my camera just so cheap hor.

Oh... and don't ask me what kind of flower are they.. although I may know some I still don't know much. If want to see more there's a few more in my part 2 :]

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Just a visit

We went to auntie’s friend’s house but I don’t know the name of the neighborhood since I never been to Sarawak before. So after picking up auntie’s friend we head to church.. again I’m not in a spiritual mood but in this church I like have to be to how I’m not an outcast.

Honestly, this church is very... well I don’t want to describe how weird it is beside for it being modern and all.. like with the air-con, with the nice robe that the altar boys were wearing.. and whatever. I don’t know why I’m saying this but this church cannot beat Stella Maris church -.- .

At least SM church choir can knock this choir out. Anyway, church ended then head back to my auntie friend’s place for relax lar. The stupid thing is that I don’t like is when my mum brag with the other people! =_=

Auntie’s friend’s house :]

Nah~ so pretty their vase and flower and Chinese things :p

My mom starts bragging to them that my sister and I can speak Chinese just to impress them since they are Chinese people too. Well only my sister can speak but not me just I’m happy I could understand half of what of them saying when they tell me something. It’s just hard how people like talking to me in Chinese just because I look like one -.- .

I like have to get out! D: I can’t take it inside!! So I told Sarah to go out with me. I saw pretty flowers outside their house so I took a quick snapshot.

Please don’t ask me what kind of flowers they are. I just took it because it looks so damn pretty hor! Lol. Next is me and my sister wanted to go to the park nearby. So we did go without telling our mom. But it’s okie, our mom wont mind and beside if she want to find us she can always text or call.

Btw~ hope you all realize that I didn't edit any pictures :] so that only for now lar.

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

To Kuching here I go

We were eating at KFC before boarding the plane to Sarawak.

Really hurt lar my head. Why even I bother want to go. But then again it’s even boring staying at home so go Sarawak lor. At home we weren’t actually in a rush :]

Me: Mom, which should I bring? The big hair dryer or the small one?
Mom: Hmm… the small one lar…
Me: Okay… *think for a few second and put the big hair dryer in the luggage*

We’re not staying in a hotel just in my mom’s friend’s house. When we arrived the first thing I like was the auntie’s dog. So cute!

Seriouly shy with the camera.. always look away whenever my camera pointing at her

Her name is Dolly. Maybe it’s because of her round cherry eyes that auntie name her that :] . Sarah and I sleep in one room while mom sleeps with auntie in the other side. I was really shy being around auntie but somehow it felt okay a bit. I don’t know why. I guess I’m use to being with simple people than the people who are mostly into ‘now’ if you know what I mean.

So tomorrow we’re going to church for Pentecost then after that don’t know where have to wait and see ;] .

PS: My camera batteries are dead! That’s why you don’t see much picture today.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

When swine flu attack

Again! was talking with my awesome friend from Canada and you should know he's name is Andrew :] (I just like him so much, he's such an awesome friend..always know what to do and to say :D) . He got another weird ideas and I think you might be amuse too.

This was like a long time ago conversation with him but there's nothing interesting to post about now so I went through my folders and found these :] . Felt like showing em today.






Hahaha xD Silly Andrew.. what silly thing he gonna say next time ? :]

PS: Although this is off topic but... I wanna stop waiting for him. Wanna start being single again. :] I was so desperate want a couple but now i'm retiring. ^-^ so hope I make it through. Gamebate for me!


Friday, May 22, 2009

Crap =__=

Oh shyt! D: my pendrive is crap! This shows I really need a new pendrive and also laptop! :( Dumb laptop everyone keep on using it until over and over have to clean because to much virus! D: not just that the broadband is somehow a bit rosak and I can’t explain why. >___>

All my picture of when I was in KL and also videos that I haven’t got the chance to paste it in this laptop before I format it in my pendrive already gone lar! (and I know it’s my choice to delete but still I want to keep some just in case bah) T___T . Memories gone.. and in my KL post already la I deleted >___> now I can’t look it back anymore… this is tooo sad… T___T at least I got my sticker la. Haiz, so susah2 to took it ya know. D:

I’m very very pissed!! >:( . Like want to kill someone. ISH! Next time when I already got my new laptop I don’t want to share it with anyone I put password next time! D: Fuck them those stupid people that use my laptop without taking good care of it!


Sigh, never mind la I make sure I make extra fun than the last time! I make sure of it so I wont have to feel regret like now! T___T


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Going to Camp Princess

Yeah.... National Service. The letter finally arrived =___= . Waited for like months and months and finally today it came!!

Can't you believe I have to like fill all the forms??

Could you read clearly? They wrote it there I'm heading to Selangor on the 16 June ;)

Princess Haliza, Sepang (Selangor). What are the odd with my Camp being named Princess :] for sure it should be rough hor. And who is this Princess Haliza? -___- ah~ whatever lar as long as I am far away from my evil siblings then okay but it's hard leavin Milky though T^T. But still I have to like go check up in a clinic or hospital.. don't know if free or not.. beside who cares also my daddy pharmasist ;] can get free check up with his worker friends there.

Wow do I sound a bit pampered today.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Fruits Sketches

Since my broke up for the 100000000 times.. >___> I need to release my tention. So I should practise my sketching la. Here it is.

First you can hantam2 draw

Then I start sketching like this

I wanted to edit using Photoshop but still that stupid computer downstairs havent repaired =__= .

CURRENT MOOD : Being Sad Like A Piece Of Shyt


Friday, May 15, 2009

My newest fear


I loved you more than I have ever known,
Those starry eyes,
Those tender lips,
You made my heart melt,
Then boil into a roaring fire,
I now know,
What my eyes could not see,
You are the only one that is for me,
Many nights those tears flew,
Being myself without anyone,
Anyone to care about the thoughts,
Looking at the sky and knowing,
Many mistakes I had,
Many mistakes I have had,

No more playing around. I'm now taking relationship seriously but for now I'm going to stay single until I found the right one. Although your still in my mind and heart I will without a doubt will love you no matter what. I hope you remember me too :( . I still keep our picture together and your clothe. I would not throw it away because if I do I might lose the other half of me. Even if you throw my stuff that been given to you. I don't mind.. it's just money.. worthless money.. but to you.. you're priceless to me. So I wait until the day that maybe we can still be together.

If not... then I leave the rest to God. I can't believe you cant see that I really love you. I must sounded desperate huh? If you want to know.. Love makes me this way! D: and because of Love.. it made me realise that your the one for me.. I missed you. I need you. But I just cant force you. I'm sorry.... :[ I must be a bad GF when I was with you. I wish I go eat dog poo and then go kill myself.

Sigh, I hate sounded dramatic and also symphatetic. T__T you cant even tell if I'm really crying now.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Beauty around the world

Was watching Oprah with my mum. First I want to go to her room and take a shower in her bathroom and suddenly Oprah was on. It shows how woman around the world define beauty or something so I watched it a little while la (when actually I was watching until it was finish). Please go check in to see more. So here is what I found that is interesting there are others but doesn't really caught my eye ya know :] lol.


A beauty expert from Japan Miki Okae believe that eating collagen-rich beef tendons is a regular part of her beauty routine and can make the skin smooth and fair. So dont be using collagen or Botox everyone :] lol.

This one is about the hair. Straight hair is considered "the norm," and therefore, more attractive.. now people at Malaysia also want to do the same. Lol even those ugly pilak >___> .. yuck! blek!

Burma and Thailand

Kayan tribe begin their beauty rituals at a young age. At just 5 years old, girls start wearing brass rings around their necks, a ritual that's centuries old. As they grow older, more rings are added, and eventually, their necks start to look elongated, giving them a giraffe-like appearance. For these women, the shiny brass rings are the ultimate sign of female elegance and status. Some neck pieces can weigh up to 22 pounds.

So if taking off those rings one of the tribe said that they would look ugly or something lol...

New Zealand

These indigenous people, who are of Polynesian descent, believe women are more attractive when their lips and chins are tattooed. A woman with full, blue lips is considered the most beautiful and desirable.

Southern Ethiopia

Beauty is literally skin deep. During childhood, girls allow their elders to cut scars onto their stomachs.

"The main reason for my scars is to attract a male that will give me joy, because I will be beautiful and hopefully get a husband," says one girl during her Taboo interview.

Once a Karo girl has received the last of her scars, she's allowed to marry and have children.


Irma lives in Jakarta, Indonesia, and says women in her country have a solution to getting their shape back after giving birth. She says women will wrap fabric called a stagen, which is 65 feet long, around the body to bind the women's belly.

"It is a bit painful, but I think what it does is to give the pressure to our womb to get back into the normal size," Irma says.

Iran - Muslim Country

I summarize a little here. In Iran the woman there cover all their body except their faces because they want to let man see the beauty of their faces and not the body. Since they really wanted to let everyone see their faces so much woman there even went surgery to make their nose look nice. (I hate surgery)


Being fat is sexy in this country. Oh it's true I even shock hearing it. Man are attracted to fat woman there. The picture you see there is Houda that grew up in Mauritania. She doesn't look fat because she is on a diet, her mother even shocked hearing her say that because the mother afraid she might die being skinny xD lol (Houda only there only to explain what's beautiful in Mauritania). So anyway, I'm kinda liking this place but no I wont be fat I also want to diet.

People in Muaritania said that whenever they look at skinny girls they think that they are sick (like anorexic or something) not sick as in a bitchy way. Even when your still a little girl they been force to eat a lot of food until one of the girls vormit because they were too full. Oh and there's a very very silly one xD lol.. if any woman in that country just got divorce they will make a party to celebrate. LOL i know right! XD "the more you divorce the more seductive you get"


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How to make Spongebob?

Sorry for not posting again for so long because there's nothing interesting to post about. So here what I do on my 'nothing-to-do-day'.

Here's my 'do-it-yourself' Spongebob.

Materials are:

1. One yellow Sponge
2. Four ear buds or maybe other kind of stick like toothpick
3. Poster or Color pensil
4. Scissors
5. Piece of paper
6. Glue (Any kinds will do but have to be very sticky)

I'm using this kind of Glue

It's so easy... First take a piece of paper and draw Spongebob's face, arms and legs. Then cut it after you finish drawing. Take your ear buds and use the scissors to cut the cutton on the edge and then stick it on your paper. It will look something like this.

Idk what you see in this but I think it looks a lil creepy lol

It is wise for you to color it before sticking it if not then it will look very messy. This needs lots of concentration and also patients so don't be hasty (unlike me lol)

Sorry for being a bad guide because I'm damn hungry now lol xD that's why too lazy to write properly. So there you go...

If you see here Spongebob teeth rosak! LOL.. that's why I said you need patients to do this xD

TQ for your time...


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