Sunday, March 01, 2009

Outing with my buddies - Part 3

Lol, i still not done yet :) .

Finally, Perosa's Adik angkat that she never met before is about to show himself today! :D i was excited and when i ask if he's a guy then she kept on saying 'it's a guy' so okay before i gonna talk about that, me and JJ camwhore with our baverage. lol.

Idk why suddenly i say this but.. it's like im camwhoring with an auntie lol..sepa la kasih make up ko

Wonder where were we? no idea xD just a best place for our private camwhore it's uber embarrassing if everyone kept on looking at us haha

Ok! so cheers!

Since that's over. We head to the place where we gonna meet Perosa's adik angkat haha xD. Well she the one that should be meeting him because.. they never meet before. Then something happen! o.O well not happen.. just something shocking thing that gave everyone a surprise! ...Perosa's pet brother is actually... a pet sister! o.O 'she' is a tomboy.. a penkit (is tat how it spelled)..

Hahaha! xD so close.. and you should see both of them talking through the phone with such close distance.. lol

Me, JJ and Perosa's little sister was just standing there looking. Oh how funny it is to see the truth! xD and my stomach still hurts just thinking about it now.

They finally end up meeting juga lol


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