Sunday, March 01, 2009

Outing with my buddies

I finally decided to go out and meet my friends. Perosa or Per 'pronounciation is like pair'(that's what we call her) invited me so yeah. I go la. Esther pissed me off when I knew she canceled on us just so she could hang out with Sidah and Melissa. I dont mind about Melissa.. just Esther should have told us the truth that she was going out with Sidah... other than lying to us. Nevertheless, I caught her red handed when she was going up the escalator.

Sigh, so let's just forget about that. She already texted me and told me the reason why she bail on us like that. :( seriously, i dont forgive her. I mean, from before tomorrow i've already asked her before Sidah.. Idk, maybe they lama sudah discussed nak go out. So anyway moving on!

At 1(something)pm i've already arrived to KK :) and all i have to do that time was just waiting for Perosa. When she arrived the first thing she said was "Knp ko bertambah pendek nie?", really la -__- no hi.. so to me i guess that's a 'Hi' (i think). Oh and btw, she brought her sister along as well.. Me, her, and her sister gonna go to palm square until we stumbled on a rm600 photography camera (desperately want it) and it's full set! :O . It's was really regretful not taking a picture of it since I have a digital camera with me that time :/ but i guess i was too surprise to remember xD lol.

So we went to palm square. The first person to arrived to was Zawani.

Zawani is the one that's wearing the pink tudung, the tall one is Perosa and the tiny & chubby girl is me

Hoho, silly Zawani never change.. well a bit.. she's now less annoying :D that's good! i can now poke and hold her stuff without her being mad at me.. >.> but i guess i should not over do it.. haha... it's like almost an hour and still no sign of JJ and Ayne. Oh yeah, stupid me.. -__- i forgot to mension before Zawani came Perosa was trying to log in friendster in a 'Study in Australia' computer thingy.

This is the thing that she's playing, that's her. She have nice legs, agree? :O jealous nie cuz mine so short and i still dont know what's this computer-like machine is called xD. Gawd I'm so stupid...

See what she do..

wtf? o.O haha xD its just funny.. the more she types the screen just looks the same

There's a lot i like to talk about but i understand to some people have troubles going in someone's blog and cant view their picture :(. I've been through that a lot so I gonna only put some pics for today and starts making another part 2 later :).


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