Monday, April 20, 2009

Assassin Creed

This game is so addicting . I can't stop playing! Although it's a guys game but I love it! The graphic, the stealth! you can even steal! (like duh your an assassin) and ear drops in someone else conversation!! What can I say more????? it seems so real! much much better than Tomb Raider! (Sorry for cheating on you Tomb Raider I would still love to play you when another new Tomb Raider game is release). I play for a week straight but of course with rest also ^-^ .

I could print screen myself but it seems it's hard going back out the game when I was still playing. Haiz, so I take from photobucket lo. So as I was saying this game is SYEOOKK!!! AWESOME!!! a 10 out of 10!! FAB!! XD . But a bit angry la =.= when I was been chase by the guards it was a bit slow for him to climb up the house or whatever! Gah! Dx they shoot me with arrows! Oh! xD the thing I like most is the way he kills his enemies.. wah! xD but I prefer using the sword not the short one. Really painful and it hurts my eyes just to see he stab his head.. Ew~ *shivers* oh and btw! you can actually see blood stain! SWEEET~~~~!! XD . So stabbing in the stomach I felt a bit okay xD . I found an Anime of Assassin Creed!

OMGOSSH!! So ultraly Kawaii(cute)!

and also bunny!! Sophie loves bunnies ( =.= but sad it's not pink) :D

I'm so happy for no reason ^-^ just only happy on this game la. But really =.= I feel like those fat geeky people. Ew.. I'm not like them! I sometimes exercise when I want to xD and I don't always eat junk food like they do, just I don't have enough sleep only, lol. So I will still be just fine ^-^ wee hee~ games games games. I wonder if boys still like me if I'm really into games a lot .


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