Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Orange? Red? "Ored" night sky

At around 10 to 11 something.

I can't tell the color it could be red or orange but to me I think it was red when I was out at night on my balcony. To me it's kinda interesting seeing "Ored" cloud at night. Was bored (as always) wanting to stretch my legs before sleeping.

The "Ored" Night Sky

OMFG..!!! Faceless hantu!! eh wait.. that's me.. stupid camera

I check through the web to find out what does this "Ored" or Red sky means? so this is what I found.

Red sky at night; shepherds delight,
Red sky in the morning; shepherds warning

But it's strange everyone have the same but a bit different story about the "Ored" sky.

If your bored or feel like knowing go to one of these link :] because I'm bored of writing it here =.= .

Choose - 1, 2, 3 and 4

This is all that I can give you :] , here's my way of rhyming to you people of what I think of people talk talk talk lol...

"Some say it's fictional, Some say it's true,
Some might say it's a warning, but Some might be a fool,
So it's time for me to go and turn of the light,
Not forgetting to say to you all a blessed goodnight."

So lame I know ;p


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