Friday, April 24, 2009

"You got smoke?"

Who knows maybe you already do know what it is. But never mind la. I got nothing to post about in my blog so I'll start putting totally disgusting, shocking, surprising, idiotic news in my blog just to make more readers reads (if there's anyone reading that is).

I admit on form 2 I tried to smoked but frankly I don't like it same goes to drinking beer or whatever liquor. So I'm glad for hating it because it doesn't taste good.. it tasted bad that's why my tongue hated it and I don't understand people that drinks and smoke likes it. I mean do you want to corrupt your body so badly? or are you to stupid to know what will happen if you get to addicted to it =.= .

I can predict your future... you won't have a future if keep on continuing like this and I hope you people die from cancer! If you don't want cancer to happen then quit smoking! or else you'll regret =__= believe me (even if I don't smoke which is a good thing for me and not for you smokers).

I even hated my friends smoking(especially someone I trust so badly).. but still I can't tell them right away about how I feel if they smoke in front of me. But I did told them to stop or they will regret later on and I don't think they'll listen which is a wrong decision to make(die la you people!!!!!). Smoking is like drugs too ok?! If you want to know.. my youngest sister is smoking she started smoking when she was 12 or 13 or so. Do you know why?

It's not because of parents or anyone that mad at her or what but "FRIEND" that make her smoke friends that doesn't show any moral value and also this kind of so-called-friends are murderers! that's why people I know from church never told her to stop but just letting her smoke(not the adult just the teens or whatever youngsters) that's why I hate going to that church to many free-smoker-teens-kids-whatever-retard not forgetting drinking too.

You dare to smile with your teeth looking like this? Do you think girls or guys would look at you when your smile? Who be dumb enough to be interested to someone who doesn't know how to take care of themselves??!

YOU WILL GET NOTHING WHEN YOU SMOKE! all you get is regrets that's all.. sure~ I know some big shot people who got big fancy stuff but really even if you could get all that stuff do you think you could live another life to see and buy more? all you could do is spend your money on your health medication because your to sick and don't want to die! Psshhhh... =.=" fucking retard


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