Sunday, May 03, 2009

47,114 Paw Point

Bun Bun's back and now the owner will be speaking :D

You can see how much paw point I got on my last post and compare it with now xD . I'm glad that there's finally a camera inside Pet Society :D now I can snapshot pictures and it will automatically will be uploaded in my Album at facebook :] so I guess no more print screen (in case needed lol) .

Bun Bun got different kind of clothes to wear and more! xD

And here are my rooms that's still under construction(so to say xD) since I'm Lv28 I still only can have 5 rooms in my home.

Living Room


Whatever room you like to call it



I got a bunny doll look exactly (well almost) like Bun Bun! xD I'll upload it when my other computer is fix because that's the only computer that has photoshop T.T really bad luck la me don't have photoshop.. actually still have la but that computer wont let me use it D: fuck..


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