Thursday, May 14, 2009

Beauty around the world

Was watching Oprah with my mum. First I want to go to her room and take a shower in her bathroom and suddenly Oprah was on. It shows how woman around the world define beauty or something so I watched it a little while la (when actually I was watching until it was finish). Please go check in to see more. So here is what I found that is interesting there are others but doesn't really caught my eye ya know :] lol.


A beauty expert from Japan Miki Okae believe that eating collagen-rich beef tendons is a regular part of her beauty routine and can make the skin smooth and fair. So dont be using collagen or Botox everyone :] lol.

This one is about the hair. Straight hair is considered "the norm," and therefore, more attractive.. now people at Malaysia also want to do the same. Lol even those ugly pilak >___> .. yuck! blek!

Burma and Thailand

Kayan tribe begin their beauty rituals at a young age. At just 5 years old, girls start wearing brass rings around their necks, a ritual that's centuries old. As they grow older, more rings are added, and eventually, their necks start to look elongated, giving them a giraffe-like appearance. For these women, the shiny brass rings are the ultimate sign of female elegance and status. Some neck pieces can weigh up to 22 pounds.

So if taking off those rings one of the tribe said that they would look ugly or something lol...

New Zealand

These indigenous people, who are of Polynesian descent, believe women are more attractive when their lips and chins are tattooed. A woman with full, blue lips is considered the most beautiful and desirable.

Southern Ethiopia

Beauty is literally skin deep. During childhood, girls allow their elders to cut scars onto their stomachs.

"The main reason for my scars is to attract a male that will give me joy, because I will be beautiful and hopefully get a husband," says one girl during her Taboo interview.

Once a Karo girl has received the last of her scars, she's allowed to marry and have children.


Irma lives in Jakarta, Indonesia, and says women in her country have a solution to getting their shape back after giving birth. She says women will wrap fabric called a stagen, which is 65 feet long, around the body to bind the women's belly.

"It is a bit painful, but I think what it does is to give the pressure to our womb to get back into the normal size," Irma says.

Iran - Muslim Country

I summarize a little here. In Iran the woman there cover all their body except their faces because they want to let man see the beauty of their faces and not the body. Since they really wanted to let everyone see their faces so much woman there even went surgery to make their nose look nice. (I hate surgery)


Being fat is sexy in this country. Oh it's true I even shock hearing it. Man are attracted to fat woman there. The picture you see there is Houda that grew up in Mauritania. She doesn't look fat because she is on a diet, her mother even shocked hearing her say that because the mother afraid she might die being skinny xD lol (Houda only there only to explain what's beautiful in Mauritania). So anyway, I'm kinda liking this place but no I wont be fat I also want to diet.

People in Muaritania said that whenever they look at skinny girls they think that they are sick (like anorexic or something) not sick as in a bitchy way. Even when your still a little girl they been force to eat a lot of food until one of the girls vormit because they were too full. Oh and there's a very very silly one xD lol.. if any woman in that country just got divorce they will make a party to celebrate. LOL i know right! XD "the more you divorce the more seductive you get"


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