Friday, May 22, 2009

Crap =__=

Oh shyt! D: my pendrive is crap! This shows I really need a new pendrive and also laptop! :( Dumb laptop everyone keep on using it until over and over have to clean because to much virus! D: not just that the broadband is somehow a bit rosak and I can’t explain why. >___>

All my picture of when I was in KL and also videos that I haven’t got the chance to paste it in this laptop before I format it in my pendrive already gone lar! (and I know it’s my choice to delete but still I want to keep some just in case bah) T___T . Memories gone.. and in my KL post already la I deleted >___> now I can’t look it back anymore… this is tooo sad… T___T at least I got my sticker la. Haiz, so susah2 to took it ya know. D:

I’m very very pissed!! >:( . Like want to kill someone. ISH! Next time when I already got my new laptop I don’t want to share it with anyone I put password next time! D: Fuck them those stupid people that use my laptop without taking good care of it!


Sigh, never mind la I make sure I make extra fun than the last time! I make sure of it so I wont have to feel regret like now! T___T


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