Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How to make Spongebob?

Sorry for not posting again for so long because there's nothing interesting to post about. So here what I do on my 'nothing-to-do-day'.

Here's my 'do-it-yourself' Spongebob.

Materials are:

1. One yellow Sponge
2. Four ear buds or maybe other kind of stick like toothpick
3. Poster or Color pensil
4. Scissors
5. Piece of paper
6. Glue (Any kinds will do but have to be very sticky)

I'm using this kind of Glue

It's so easy... First take a piece of paper and draw Spongebob's face, arms and legs. Then cut it after you finish drawing. Take your ear buds and use the scissors to cut the cutton on the edge and then stick it on your paper. It will look something like this.

Idk what you see in this but I think it looks a lil creepy lol

It is wise for you to color it before sticking it if not then it will look very messy. This needs lots of concentration and also patients so don't be hasty (unlike me lol)

Sorry for being a bad guide because I'm damn hungry now lol xD that's why too lazy to write properly. So there you go...

If you see here Spongebob teeth rosak! LOL.. that's why I said you need patients to do this xD

TQ for your time...


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