Thursday, May 07, 2009

I am practising

Sorry I guess I wont edit my pictures for now so I better left it naked la because there's something wrong with my computer downstairs =.= . Sigh, You know I just got my photoshop and suddenly my computer started to get irritating (I blame my sister for destroying it) so I think that it's better for me to buy a laptop like my mum also provide with a mouse :D just in case when I want to edits carefully on my pictures.

My attempt at sketching it's not perfect yet but I'll try my hardest.. and yeah la I'll also practise on my signature lol -__-

Took me a like 1 and a half hour to do it ya know lol. God I'm damn nervous for college and yet a bit excited lol.. I cant mess up I really need to get serious. I'll tried calming but my mind kept on thinking "NS NS" (National Service).. why hasn't my letter arrive yet? I'll start next month. I'm stressing because what if I don't get my letter? Should I not go? God.. this is confusing and my mum told me that I should accompany my sister to KL for her LimKokWing Tour at 3rd June - 5th June.

Actually I really want to go to see the courses inside :O I heard they have Graphic design, Game design and a lot a lot of design which make me really really want to go! but I still go for college in SIA.. Can you believe she told me like 5 in the morning?! I was asleep man! lol! and when I was sleeping I didn't notice my sister was using my laptop in my room.. (she better dont destroy that) she was checking the air plane tickets for the next departure. :O ..!! I wanna go! but I guess I cant go la :( I still think I'm going to NS also.. sigh T.T


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