Thursday, May 07, 2009

When my ex called

I'm labeling today 'Bad Day' because Andrew called me. And I guess you don't know who's andrew huh? Well he's a jerk! A jerk from Sabah not forgetting a womanizer! D:< I hope you read this now Andrew! He 'was' my boyfriend but I can't say if he even remembered tat we were a couple. D: I mean to me I don't know because it was a very very confusing time that time. Really confusing but better not let you guys know la..

Nah! I stole your picture! your so gay! GAY GAY GAY! Stupid Andrew! >.<

Me: *Saw Andrew calling and pick up*
Andrew: *talks blah blah blah chinese*
Me: What are you saying?!
Andrew: Eh? You not know how to speak chinese meh?
Me: Where got la I know how..
Andrew: *Just speak chinese*
Me: UI!!! what you say this?!
Andrew: I talk bad stuff about you also you wont know la
Me: You so stupid ooo...
Andrew: You la baka
Me: ish you la stupid! =__=
Andrew: Baka baka baka!
Me: Stupid! If you say Baka also people dont know oo~
Andrew: People know already what Baka mean la~
Me: Yeah la but if I call you stupid people will know but baka some only wont know owh..
Andrew: Some only!

Change of topic! Still want to read? then go ahead.

Andrew: I see your your picture very different oh!
Me: Har...?
Andrew: When I see your picture at fs ah I think to myself la this girl look very firmiliar 1.. so I call Amanda la and she say "yeah yeah you know her la the one- *sorry he talks to fast so I forgot* but I know you wear make up la..
Me: *chuckle*

Lol, he's so stupid he didn't know it was edited... and then I dont remember what he said again.. so NEXT!

Me: I so shock oh how you still can remember me oh?
Andrew: Of course I remember la...

Hearing those words make me hard to believe =___= because last year he told me he don't know who I am.. well actually >__> I didn't put my picture in MSN of course la... but there's one time la he go my fs and said "You look firmiliar la" like hell I gotten angry he forgot my face for almost than a week already?! I mean we hang out together for 2 weeks oh.. how can he forget?

When he got a new girlfriend (that time I was with mine also but broke up 2 years ago) he remember -__- and start calling out for us saying that we should hang out together. Sigh, I guess we need to meet face to face then he can remember oh.. but this year I really want to change my outlook! hiak! :D LOL

SORRY BAKA ANDREW!! BLEK!! YOU SUCK!! just be lucky that I talk bad about you in my blog! revenge for calling me sa poh and other stupid words!! =-="


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