Friday, May 15, 2009

My newest fear


I loved you more than I have ever known,
Those starry eyes,
Those tender lips,
You made my heart melt,
Then boil into a roaring fire,
I now know,
What my eyes could not see,
You are the only one that is for me,
Many nights those tears flew,
Being myself without anyone,
Anyone to care about the thoughts,
Looking at the sky and knowing,
Many mistakes I had,
Many mistakes I have had,

No more playing around. I'm now taking relationship seriously but for now I'm going to stay single until I found the right one. Although your still in my mind and heart I will without a doubt will love you no matter what. I hope you remember me too :( . I still keep our picture together and your clothe. I would not throw it away because if I do I might lose the other half of me. Even if you throw my stuff that been given to you. I don't mind.. it's just money.. worthless money.. but to you.. you're priceless to me. So I wait until the day that maybe we can still be together.

If not... then I leave the rest to God. I can't believe you cant see that I really love you. I must sounded desperate huh? If you want to know.. Love makes me this way! D: and because of Love.. it made me realise that your the one for me.. I missed you. I need you. But I just cant force you. I'm sorry.... :[ I must be a bad GF when I was with you. I wish I go eat dog poo and then go kill myself.

Sigh, I hate sounded dramatic and also symphatetic. T__T you cant even tell if I'm really crying now.


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