Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Spring - p2

I saw a book store and wanted to see inside.

There’s nothing interesting there. Don’t feel in a reading mood... then after that my sis went to Parkson then to another shop just to find clothes for her. My feet that time hurts :( so I sat down lar. God long time I never jalan2 that’s why @.@ .

Okay, so moving on. Then we head to Starbucks because I’m so damn thirsty and this is my first time going in :] .

Ordered the vanilla blended thingy... I don’t know just Sarah was ordering it for me since I got no energy to order myself. Then I ordered something to eat also.

Beef Pie. Tasty :D

So Starbucks is the place I spend my money lar :] . So mom called saying where we were. At that time we already out from Starbucks then we tried finding her and auntie in the 2nd floor. At that time I start being selfish and I hate myself for it :( . Sorry mom I still love you bah. Anyway, we all went to the 1st floor to buy some grocery and then I saw...

Magic Bite. I didn’t get the chance to taste this one because mom didn’t buy lar. So whatever lar.. don’t care also :p

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