Friday, May 08, 2009

Susan Boyle

I want to send her a message:


I'm so sorry for mistaken you for a guy but I never like those people judge you from the outside. I never heard you sing before when I was watching news with my mother few days ago about you. She told me that you have the most wonderful voice.. so today I was thinking of youtubing and search you singing. Then I found one.. and sorry readers I can't put the video here the owner of the YouTube disabled the embed so go here to see her video that I just watched.

To be truthful, I just love your cheeky attitude! it reminds me of my auntie that I adored most! :D I love funny old ladies ^-^ they brighten my day.. seriously. But seeing those people making faces of 'yeah right' to you like this

really makes me angry! D:

Then after you talking to the judges I just can't wait hearing you sing. Omgosh.. I cried hearing you singing. I forgot the title of the song I didn't care much though just hearing your voice.. just wows me (my mother was right :O).. it's like it makes me feel so warm-hearted for some reason.. and look at Simon

LOL.. have you even seen him looking like he's in love???? :D


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