Sunday, May 31, 2009

Just a visit

We went to auntie’s friend’s house but I don’t know the name of the neighborhood since I never been to Sarawak before. So after picking up auntie’s friend we head to church.. again I’m not in a spiritual mood but in this church I like have to be to how I’m not an outcast.

Honestly, this church is very... well I don’t want to describe how weird it is beside for it being modern and all.. like with the air-con, with the nice robe that the altar boys were wearing.. and whatever. I don’t know why I’m saying this but this church cannot beat Stella Maris church -.- .

At least SM church choir can knock this choir out. Anyway, church ended then head back to my auntie friend’s place for relax lar. The stupid thing is that I don’t like is when my mum brag with the other people! =_=

Auntie’s friend’s house :]

Nah~ so pretty their vase and flower and Chinese things :p

My mom starts bragging to them that my sister and I can speak Chinese just to impress them since they are Chinese people too. Well only my sister can speak but not me just I’m happy I could understand half of what of them saying when they tell me something. It’s just hard how people like talking to me in Chinese just because I look like one -.- .

I like have to get out! D: I can’t take it inside!! So I told Sarah to go out with me. I saw pretty flowers outside their house so I took a quick snapshot.

Please don’t ask me what kind of flowers they are. I just took it because it looks so damn pretty hor! Lol. Next is me and my sister wanted to go to the park nearby. So we did go without telling our mom. But it’s okie, our mom wont mind and beside if she want to find us she can always text or call.

Btw~ hope you all realize that I didn't edit any pictures :] so that only for now lar.

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