Friday, May 01, 2009

Zombie? Magical door? Me O.o ?

Wtf up dream I had =.= .

I remember in my dream that 'we'(people I'm unfamiliar of) was suppose to protect a guy from something and I don't know what. There's a maze where we going and it wasn't that tough to go through. Random doors was putting in different places all in once. First we went to one door then suddenly I was in an Assassin creed graphic look-a-like place. I see nothing interesting there.. and all I see is myself and the place that I can't remember clearly so I went back and meet up with new people(all of a sudden la).

Really la, have you ever have the same thing happening in your dream where everything changes just like that without you even finish what you've started? So as I continue la 8D .. I was in my house being confuse a bit(I dream I was in my house). It's funny really lol you can be half confuse and half 'as-if-you-know-what-your-doing' feeling so anyway I feel that my dream was controlling me but what to do? you were there and you don't know that it was a dream. Sigh, sorry I can't remember anything about today's dream but I do remember yesterdays xD .

I was with my puppy Milky in an old abandon underground factory o.O . I was carrying her all the way because I don't want to lose her and she's all I got that time(And I thought that my family been eaten by zombies) Suddenly my dream became like the game I played "Silent Hill 3" mix with a little bit "Haunting Ground" and I think it's a little bit strange. So there's a long hall and I see all the flesh eating zombies were all doing their zombie thing(ya know eating fleshes and everything). You know what I did? I ran la! ran until I see a door(strange why Milky is so light in my dream while in real you can't last an hour carrying her) and the door xD don't let me get started with the door.

I didn't even open the door and suddenly I automatically at the other side already LMAO! So I walk slowly la but it's so awesome xD to be seeing yourself walking.. come on la don't tell me in your dream you never see yourself doing something? and sure you also can see it with your own eyes la in the dream like normal like now but I still love looking at myself it's like watching yourself in a movie with the camera angle so well done :D . Okay so along the way my puppy sense something so she jump down and ran. I was following her from behind panicking because I have this fear of being alone in the dark with spooky things.

Then I saw something scary. I saw a zombie dog! like the one in Silent hill o.o . My dog approach to it but the zombie dog didn't do any harm to her which is scary a bit la I still don't want her to get bitten. Then in front of me I saw an elevator a small one like lifting up stuff like that and I'm confident it can lift me and Milky up. The problem is that I don't know how to work it and I tried snatching Milky away from the dog but it tried to bite me. This is where the part I get super powers LOL xD I imagined myself to go in that mini elevator with Milky so the next thing you know I did haha. Sigh, why didn't I imagine a unicorn come and save the day.

So that's it I forgot what happens next. I take nothing is a happy ending in the zombie world in a dream xD

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