Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Crocodile Farm - p2

’Wild Life’ My sister was inside first lol

This is where most of the crocs live :O but to bad you can’t see them in action because all of them were asleep (thank god). Some even put in cages for own purpose but will get to that once I done walking through the Wild Life.

Swimming in their own shyt... I wonder how they shyt look like? hmm o.o it's not like I'm want to find out or anything >.>

Tourist or maybe local were there also (just 2 people only). They were like talking to me kindly and I respond to them lo... in a nice way la of course. But still I felt awkward not saying goodbye to them.. I just that time walk only haiz. >_> I don’t know why oh... I just hate not saying goodbye to nice people.. but to bad and ugly people -_- well that probably be a different story.

I saw one croc’s mouth been crooked. Is that the right word for bengkok?

I am so not kesian

I’m sorry I am not to good with big english words >_> . So anyway, if you continue looking at my pictures I even spot one croc in the mud! Woo! Maybe you guys will obviously see it also la -_- if I can see it then I guess you can too.

Mud bath eh..looks so relax

There’s one I thought it was a croc.. but no... it's worst.. eh wait croc even worst than this =_=".. but this really bad also oh (for me la).. anyway just go see la you people..

It was a freaking giant biawak!!

I saw in discovery channel(obsessed) that when a Biawak or in english I forgot. They stand up and hug the other Biawak until one of them gives up. I know hearing it sound really stupid but it's so true. Watching it even more funnier lol xD . Macam2 la animal now.

Look at those tyres... big oh that reptile or croc if you want to call it -.- and it look like it didn't get enough food.. on a diet i think o.o

Listen here about Crocs and Alligators :O

"they are an ancient lineage, and are believed to have changed little since the time of the dinosaurs. They are believed to be 200 million years old whereas dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago; crocodiles survived great extinction events"

actually I know about it when I watched discovery channel (again obsessed) long long time ago when I was like 14 or something.. wanted to write myself but don't know the right word to say.

So I googled it out and found it lo in wikipedia. Internet save the day again xD

There’s also the porcupine almost miss this one.

Cute to see... Bad to hold

God... almost like a cicak leh

Finally out of the swamp full of sleeping reptiles and porcupine! And in front of me was a big cage. For only one small monkey -.- ...actually at first I thought it was a baboon but baboon mostly will scratch their butt and have colorful ugly face ._. but this one look so ordinary and sorry I didn’t took a picture because it was trying so hard walking here and there showing off to me and Sarah how awesome it walks konon. -_-

Yeah like who be stupid enough to want to hold a monkey before even reading the sign

Then something shocked me! When I look up it was-

A freaking giant cardboard bat. Whoever made this sure like to scare visitors -.- geez .I'm not scared just shock only.. maybe a little scared la o_o"

I thought there would be bats but all I see are owls.

It's right in the middle

I know you guys might not be wondering but I make you wonder only la! Ever wonder where my mom and auntie were? well the answer is that they were walking by themselves while me and Sarah go by ourselves also but Sarah this... =_= like to wander off until in the other end... saw her looking at the monkey.

Sometimes I can be pretty protective >_> if I think “where’s Sarah?” my first thought will be “Holy shit she must be eaten by the crocodiles!!” but she’s not sometime can worried for my mom and auntie too -.- omgosh like they’re like old people for christ sake! (even if auntie know how to drive a pretty good looking car :O vios oh!).

Game time! I spy with my ‘chinese-looking-eyes’ are fat, hairy and smelly! and No! it’s not human ^__^ lol.

Catch it on in part 3 soon! :D

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