Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Crocodile Farm - p3

The answer is pigs... wild pigs

And watch a video of em.

>_> I know your laughing (if your Sabahan la that understand my language). I can’t control my voice when something so smelly. Lol. They should really try giving those animals a bath. -_-

After that we walk until my feet starts getting tired because all that non-stop walking (lama already I never walk like this that's why). We rest near some big pond or is it lake? O.o never mind I’m learning -.- here’s a picture of what I’m trying to say lol.

Nice kan the environment? :] can have romantic get-a-way konon :D I saw a crocs mouth open :O

I wonder how long it could do that

Another 2 crocs >_> .

Big big big! Just lucky it’s in a cage... *shivers* I hate reptiles

Okay that’s the end of our adventure. Nah, just kidding I forgot to take some picture of some animal when I first walk in so I went back to take em la.

Here’s 2 peacocks... I think that white one is a peacock but not sure xD .. My sister said it looks like a Prince and Princess lol xD

There’s a big one with a pretty tail that but it was far from me so my camera cannot take that kind of distance even if I want it to. I did pass this place but my auntie said that we can come back later -_- . Haiyo, come back until it already far from me. Actually that peacock really likes to show off himself. When there’s a lot of people around it will fly near them and starts being... well show off la xD .

There are a lot of alligators but I forgot to put it in from my first part oh. Sorry. Guess not much time.


Ew~ just gross for me

There’s a python. Hate hate hate reptiles!

I think it’s sleeping

Over and over again another crocodile but there’s reason for it to be put inside a single cage.

The tail is gone.. for a cicak I guess can grow back but I dont know much about crocs one la

Then the flesh eating Piranha..

Me taking pic with em.. sweating bah me because walk far far lol :)

Last time when I was in Aquaria (post deleted because of stupid boyfriend) at KLCC there the Piranha were so small owh but here in Crocodile Farm it’s kinda bigger than your fist. I wonder in 1 borneo already finish their seapark? ._.

Next part will post soon :] .

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