Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Crocodile Farm

Yay! I’m now in Crocodile Farm! :D . And again 14 and above is adult and still have to pay extra -_- . Oh yeah I wont be uploading a lot of picture in here if want to see more just go to one of my profiles.

Here’s my ticket to go in yo :D

Lol, when I first step in I thought Crocodile farm was just for crocodile but when I look around there are also different kind of animal even Sarah was also surprise and start making joke about it. Sure I saw some crocs :] they were long and fat :O and the water so damn dirty!

Where’s the croc? :D

Can you see it? :]

Swimming in their own poo

So after them I saw other kind of animal like the otter.

Cute little otter! :O even cuter when I see them taking a leaf and put it in their mouth while running inside the small little house of theirs! Argh! xD

Then I saw an Eagle. I think the eagle was the funny one.

Just stand still... the bird like taking picture wei! xD LOL

Here's a comic about the eagle :]

After that I saw a bear :O can't tell what kind of it though but it's a black bear :] looks pretty harmless.. >_> but we can't judge anything by it's cover especially a bear.

How the hell little kids suppose to see it? Sit on their father's back? what if they suddenly fell in? better they make a glass wall or something so it be easier =_= I like have to climb on something just to see them. Sudahlah I short.. even if I wore a 1 inch shoe that time I still couldn't see the bear for to long haiyo lol lucky my camera didn't shake when I took it.

Ohh! there's a adorable monkey! :D

The monkey kept on making noises as if it really want to get out. Well... from the looks of the picture like it really does. I feel sorry for the monkey though but it's for that monkey's own good or else it will end up like the 'Bear Cat'.

When I say Bear Cat I meant it. A half bear and a half cat.

There it is a Bear Cat.. climbs like a bear xD and looks like a cat

It was so cute but look so dangerous a bit. O.o look at it's left cheek.. something attack it real bad and for that I really really felt sorry for it T_T lucky the people there save it before anything happen to it. Did you know that this Bear Cat goes Meow? xD I'm serious. Haha. Then we met the ostricth.

This is my first time ever being near an ostritch and the hell?? is this how they look like when close up? O.o

So people you ready to see more crocs?! :D wait for part 2.

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