Monday, June 01, 2009

Cultural Village in Sarawak - p2

After watching they perform. There’s someone making tattoos downstairs so we went to take a look.

Normal permanent marker pens

Sarah getting a tattoo

It symbolize 'head hunter' (I think)

So we walk until we reach to the Ulu House.

This is a Ulu House

Everything look so old~ didn’t felt like taking any of em... except for this one. Here’s a video.

I know it's a very lousy video xD

And here are the thing to hantam the Padi

Going down was the scarier part. I hate small staircase sudahla I scare of heights -.- ...

These are the stranger I just main2 take.

Passing through to Rumah Bidayuh didn’t went in haiz :(

It’s very damn hot! So next we went to Melanau Tall House...

seriously it’s tall and with more thin staircase =_=

All I see around me is just junk. Old junk.. so don’t bother taken em lar only a few.

This is how people from the past sleeps... on the floor.

Going to the top is easy... but down not so much. Saw a bed with some old things that I don’t actually know what they use for. Sorry... I got problem with histories.

So small the bed… I don’t know if it’s comfortable oh.

Looking at it make me feel like touching it but don’t want xD afraid the ghost of the past will hunt me lol

There's still part 3!

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