Monday, June 01, 2009

Cultural Village in Sarawak - p3

So off to Rumah Melayu.

Before going in everyone have to remove their slippers or shoes. So boring inside -_- all I see is Congkak in the middle. Near the open windows are some chairs and tables from the past.

Sarah play with hantu

Then went to the other rooms and saw a yellow bed :O . I don’t want to sleep on a bed that is yellow or gold =_= hurts my eyes when waking up. Anyway, I want to go upstairs but Sarah said there’s nothing there so whatever lar. But my legs hurts :( so never mind I guess.

So in the kitchen were some people selling food and drinks… nothing interesting also. So go to another place lar. The other place we went was a Chinese place ;] .

Chinese Farm House.. where people makes brooch, pepper... birds nest processing

You know I heard many things about Chinese like making fake things. But in China should be a lot of none original things... original la but like copying things like that bah. I still remember my art teacher said that ‘we should not buy anything that made from China because he knows it wont last long’.

I remember that till now. >_> . The only thing they good at making (that’s original) is medicine.

When mom’s spinning this thing -_- she talks about when she was little that she use to used this for making Padi or something

I’m sure a lot of people that is Buddhist should have this. But smaller ;p and sometimes just a statue of a golden fat guy (*bows* sorry if that’s offending you... but we can’t hide from the truth also)

Then went out and go to another place lo. Saw some students from some school... but I don’t know if they just tourist or student >_> a lot them were little kids.

They were resting under the huge tree :O because its cold underneath :] I would know -_-... like duh! I was there~ and hehe... some even look so cute xD .

At last we back near the entrance. Before going back home we went in the souvenir shop. Pictures not allowed inside FYI . There are still 2 houses we haven’t gone yet. But have to skip since everyone’s leg was hurting except for auntie :] she likes being our tour guide hor.

I feel kinda sad oh ): auntie really want us to see more and I think she might be a bit upset for not letting us see the other places inside. But never mind soon she forgets juga that ;]

The place big hor!

Camwhore while waiting for my sister to finish buying in the shop

Not bad the scenery wei.. taken in Cultural Park.. remember this place if you ever wanted to visit Sarawak ;]

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