Monday, June 01, 2009

Cultural Village in Sarawak

We’re visiting the cultural village today :]


Sticker pass.. I sticked it on my left side that has a symbol on it :D n cool it's the same roundness konon

Wood that being carved into weird looking things!

It was a hot day! Errgh! If only I had something to tie my hair up. So anyway we first went to this place where people performing some traditional dance since it’s Gawai that day. Lucky we arrived before they even start :]

So here is where they’ll be performing :]

I don’t know the names of the dances that these people perform but I guess it’s kinda unique lo :]

I like the thing on their heads :D must be pretty heavy

I was like behind the cameraman lol.

The four male dancers

I like this shot leh! :D

This one kinda look almost like mix with Malay oh

That guy is like climbing on to the top

Actually he spins using his stomach on top of that stick! :O but I took a picture of him when he stops already

Here is the guy who like blows dart out

Then the dancers come in while he gets ready at something... (I’m a bad tour guide until I have no idea what to say xD)

So okay lar that’s all you see them performing :] there’s a video here if you want to see all of their dance. But it’s not taken fully lar. If I take until they finish surely I have no space for some other pictures in my camera so better take all half half :].

There' still more so wait for the other parts :]

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