Monday, June 01, 2009

Lapis Cake

Got read my last post mah? I promised to show you guys when I was going to this Lapis Cake shop in the other side of the river.

Freaking Hell!! I’m like riding a boat…!!

I’m scared of water especially dirty deep water.

Auntie: We should ride a boat to get there...
Me: Auntie is the water here deep ka?
Auntie: Yes... it’s very deep
Me *scared and almost tremble*

At last we made it to the other side. We could however use a car to go there but still the shorter way is using a boat.

Took this when I already from the other side.

Never knew we have to like walk there again -_- it was freaking far la. If have a car or a bike probably made it there like 5 minute already.

so there it is the place where Kek Lapis were born

Who would thought that this famous cake could be here in this kind of place lol

So this woman named is Dayang Salhah. I have no idea how she looks like when I was already stepping in and also I never even ask the people if I could see her. Never mind also :] they got tester of their latest work and it was great!

Tasted so so so delicious hor :O not like the one in Sabah or Peninsular... oh my gosh then from the moment the cake was in my mouth I realize that this is how it should taste like o.o not too sweet but just right :D .

Seriously it’s like your going in someone house and they offering you food xD

I like the way they done this... so colorful

And here is all the Lapis Cake that is going on sale. My mom so degil -_- I want the chocolate but she didn’t get the chocolate! =_= . Rm10 for each oh :] to me I think that’s a good price already la.

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