Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Lousy Breakfast

I look so damn ugly in the morning. -_- .

Hey guys so today will be my last day being here in Kuching. Tonight at 10pm whatever... going to the airport wanted to head back to Sabah already (finally). So auntie bringing us to see the crocodiles in Crocodile Farm which I am so excited because I’m going to see real life crocs :] .

First we went to this lousy place called Grace Place for breakfast. Really the place is so lousy one. The services very terrible no wonder not many people go there.

As usual I ordered my favorite fried Kueh Teow but it came out really unexpected.

What the hell? When the person asks me if I want chili or tomato so I told her I wan tomato. I never knew that they would make it look like a soup in my Kueh Teow. The food I give it a 2/5 and why? Because I said fried not wet! =_=

Then when we want to go out already (that time the car already want to drove off) one of the auntie that work there stop my auntie’s car in the middle of the road (so chi sin that auntie suddenly go in the road just to stop us). She said that we need to pay her rm3 again. Wtf man?? I was in a bad mood knowing that their service is so lousy so why must pay again?

Not to be rude with you people but if you ever see this place please don’t go in. Later you come out very annoyed that. -.-

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