Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Spring

So after staying in that neighbourhood for 'I don't know how long'. Auntie decided to take us to this shopping mall 'The Spring'.

Actually Sarah wanted to buy some stuff for her friends and mostly for herself. So auntie was kind enough to take us shopping lar :] while using mommy's money of course xD .

Nice also.. :O boleh tahan juga Sarawak lol

My Aunt said that this is like the only modern shopping mall in Sarawak.. or was it Kuching? O.o I forgot but also don't care -_- I'm not going to live here wat. Some stuff there are cheap compare to KK and KL. But not everything there is cheap.. haiz~. Anyway, my mom and auntie wanted to take a break while me and Sarah really want to see more of the place inside the mall.

So mom gave us each rm100 :] to spend it on but not to much or else not enough -.- . While they rest inside the Big Apple the first place me and Sarah go was the 2nd floor. The first that caught my eye was this stall in the middle :O .

Got real cute stuff owh. But I didn't buy even if I really want it. I guess I don't know what to use it for...

Then in this shop called..

Memory Lane

Again.. I really want this bunny pirate inside :O and didn't even buy it =/ and I don't know why also -.- I got the money but didn't even go and try pampered myself, lol. So whatever lar :] since I'm not buying anything I just go window shopping or just looking around. There's this Toy shop called Wonder Toys..?

The counter cute also lar :D

Well so yeah xD got many interesting toys including the one you all firmiliar of as well :]

Sarah and the monster in Monster Inc. I forgot the name lol

Sarah and Cookie Monster

Wait for part 2 :]

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