Sunday, July 19, 2009

7 weeks to go

Im on my semester holiday! but on the 25 or 26 I be heading back to camp. So my 5 weeks in camp was a bit dramatic but mostly fun! :D . We started our activities early but there's still some haven't finish yet like Kayak, Climbing down from a 60 feet height.. I kinda forgot the name of that activity but I try snap a picture of it. Banyak lagi bah so wait and see la. Here are some picture I took.

So first it started in Likas my pick up point. I be heading to Camp Princess Haliza in Selangor. My dad got shocked knowing that I got this kind of camp because he said I should be lucky to be in this camp. Know why? celebrities like Suki, Diana Danielle and whoever had already been there. Actually I have no idea who they are :/ I don't mostly like watching malaysian channels unless I'm bored and there's nothing else to watch.

Was riding MAS airplane to reach to KLIA and you know what? I HATE IT! riding it make my head hurt. It felt like 3 hours and a half. I think Air Asia is way better only 2 hours and a half. Have you ever have that feeling that you might not find friends in NS? I had that feeling and it was scary :( afraid nobody wants to be friends with me but when I reach there I then soon find out that everyone have the same problem that they also want a friend.

I got a friend her name is Maryanne :] didn't got her picture though after her was Ria until now I don't feel comfortable being with her she's just so annoying. Then as times goes by soon in camp you get a lot of friends :D . (NOTE: anyone that got in NS please bring extra towel, the towel they give will be like next week >_>) So while waiting for everyone (Selangor, Sandakan) to arrive in camp me and Maryanne went sightseeing but me and her can only go to the Cafeteria, Parking lots and also in the Open Hall.

The Cafeteria real something huh so big

The open hall

You can see the Kayak there

That's all for my first day there. It's get boring at first but when everyone in camp have already arrived then the real battle begins. You have to get up early like 5 just to prepare yourself but for muslim they have to wake up at 4am for praying. We even have to eat 6 times a day.

7.30am , 10.30am , 12.30pm , ??? , 5.30pm , 10.30pm .

Macam2 la the food here

I wanted to lose some weight so I only eat 2 times a day taking only a bit of rice. The coaches in this camp are so awesome! sometimes they can be serious so it's best not to temper them. There's one time the Wira(Hero) did something wrong so Teacher Pet(don't know why we have to call him that) smashed the plastic chair on the floor. I was in deep shock o.o .

Imagine a height of 180+++(I think that's it) weight 150kg and he has the body The Rock in WWE!! well actually he dont have the muscle but he looks so healthy la :] before going back to Sabah I try take a picture of him la. But really he's an awesome guy and he's real funny! :D . "WOI WIRA!!!" that's his trademark ;p

In NS it's kinda felt like school.. there's class bah -__- sepa pula tak suka *raise hands* that class make us felt like little kids drawing this and that on the floor using magic color. Pssh. there's one page it's like a journal the teacher told us to draw what we done yesterday so we draw.

I lazy to make it nice so I draw stick man

I saw one of my group friend just draw a stick man

Mmg hebat la dia..

Pirated videos also got in there. The reason I said pirated is because the teacher told me not to record any activity inside the Module Class because people need to find out themselves. So I just upload some in youtube later la, I don't care what they say :] . I only record people acting as some Machine of the future. So wait and see while I finish uploading it la.

What else....

Well wait for part 2 :] I now at my uncles house tomorrow will stay in hotel somewhere in KL. Will continue once I reach there.

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