Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bilikku 'Hell'ku

This show sucks. These people is very cheapskate one. Know why? They destroy my Uncle's wife's sister's room.. and okay that may sound confusing to say so I just call her my auntie mudah =P . To make it more easier! her name is Joey.. sure Joey sounds like a guy's name but if you wanna know..

Joey in red

In the picture you can see she looks like one, no? To tell you the truth I was a bit jealous knowing that Joey's room was going to get renovated -__- the theme of the show is Rock because Joey is a rocker type of girl and also she's the coolest one I know :) oh she also play the guitar.. and not forgetting she's a photographer in Limkokwing! WOW right?! :O this year is her final year there.

So anyway about her room.. I never pernah saw her room before it's been transform.. but never mind.

The host with Joey.. discussing about something before shooting

Me and the others(Belle, Jennifer, and the other girl) was sitting on the living room coach watching television but it's sad we can't turn on the volume so loud they say the crew was about to start renovating. Then suddenly the director went to the living room to ask if we would like to go in television.. the other's was like "don't want, don't want" but as for me I kept quiet because I don't give a damn also!

Hmm I lied, I want bah my face go in Tv :p and good thing too the director asked me if I want in.. I was playing it cool and nodded only. The others was shy and don't want to do it but lastly they do it also except for one la.. Joey's older second sister but the director did mention that only 2 family members and 2 friends can allow to act inside. 7/8 hours had past.. still the room haven't finish.. but actually o.o it was like 5 days ago they went to Joey's house -.- why didn't they start 5 days ago then wait after 5 days later =__=" ?

That is why show business always lie to people that watches the television (or maybe just the malaysian that likes doing this). Sure if your making a movie or something that's fair enough to understand but this show they say they finish in one day and the host said the family will leave the house and will be surprise after they come back from where ever. Oh please you believe juga ka at what they say? (padahal I pernah kena tipu).. Omg.. they're fake! fake fake fake with the CAPITAL F!

Lookey here.. if Joey and the family was out..

Why Joey was in the room didn't she went out? the room haven't finish yet.. and didn't they say that they wanted to surprise her? Sorry for the blurry picture guys >__> . I even saw Joey helping the crew members putting her new stuff inside. -__- I'm not surprise at all. No wonder in every malaysian Tv show when a host knocks your front door and there you are all dress up for the camera with make up and everything. I tell ya they were planning it from the very beginning..

Okay enough bad comment about it if they want to be fake all this time then so be it la. Now is time for Joey's family and friends to act! That's Belle and Joey's father inside the picture.. first that goes in was Joey's friends.. that would be me and the other girl and okay there's no picture of me and ada bah auntie said she want to take a picture of me using my camera but I was shy so I just say no to her politely. Hmm -__- I didn't do much of the talking.. just the other girl did and..... the truth is.. she was like all bitch up you know o.o .

I didn't like it so I just like look amazed and when Joey ask me I was like "ok" I was seriously blur!! if I rapat with them more I think I will be bitchy also like the other girl. lol. :p so after we finish compliment her room and all then it's time for the family's turn.. Belle and Joey's father is going in.. hahaha xD their funny because they keep on re-taking more than 5 times already.

Even if this show so cheapskate.. using the old stuff balik as if they bought it somewhere.. it's still fun experiencing la. Get to see behind the scene.

*when everyone was finishing packing and head back to the studio, they (Joey and the girls) were complaining at the back.. talking about her new room*

Joey: My room.... *sad tone*
Belle: Aku rasa bilik dulu kau lagi smart lagi dari sekarang
Joey: Itu la... it's too clean...
Jennifer: When I look at your room it doesn't look like a rockstar.. more like a pornstar

*everyone laugh*

It's true if you must know. The person who design the room is GAY! thinks he knows everything about 'Rock' I also don't like it. So don't find 'Bilikku Syurgaku' people if you want your room being renovated. You better off renovate yourself.

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