Monday, July 20, 2009

Free for only a week


Have no idea why I want to put a picture first then talk about what I've done today cuz I see people in singapore when they have a blogspot they like doing this (putting pics first as an introduction konon) .. got one also like putting a lot of his pic with the same face (no other pose meh?).. Anyways, today went out with family :] well just me, my brother and mommy. We went out to buy meself a new camera (because the last one was busted and its the fault of my friend.. SHH!! don't tell her, ok? ish this is why it's hard trusting peninsular people o.o)

This my viewers is my new baby cam :] I call her 'Cammy' 'Baby Cammy' :D . First it cost Rm930 without the memory card, charger and yada yada. Full set cost my mum Rm1620. Yeah very cheap. This time Cammy stays with me! I wont let anyone borrow it -_- never ever ever!! I lazy to trust you people even the one I'm close with I still wont borrow it to you or letting you hold it so please jangan sakit hati yeah~ ;] hate me also you can mah.

I also bought a watch for NS. It's hard knowing the time when I'm there I have to find a friend so I could know the time, haiz. Oh and it cost only Rm135 (discount already this!!)

So the hotel we're staying is in Sheraton Imperial a 5 star resort. At night my mom got hungry so she ordered some room service and you know? it's not free and it's not cheap also -.- .


Sandwiches & Fries

My mom said it tasted bad and Little Italy back in Sabah more better. Well I still think this food is good and the only thing I like to eat in Little Italy is the Lasagna (Hmmmmmm~ Lasagna :)

Ok la see the pictures la you people.

Here's a picture of my leg coming out from the laptop.. :p

The view of KL

Got big screen TV!

It's really sad hor. Felt like going to the swimming pool here but sam is sick to accompany me. Sad right?! T__T long time already I never went swimming.. only when I was a kid. So in Hotel just swimming in the bath tub la.

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