Thursday, July 23, 2009

You lie!

My brother, daddy and me in the lobby.. mommy in the reception counter

After checking out from Hotel Sheraton Imperial we then went to Cyberjaya. Mum said something about we're not going to live in a Hotel anymore, she even said there be no aircon and whatever that make us feel comfortable and to me I feel like I don't like the idea but still I got to be reasonable also and beside I'm use to with no aircon -_- 5 weeks in NS as if I'm not use to it already.


In the picture do you guys see anything that's not hotel-ish??

Like a mini living room in a cabin

Well it's not a Hotel la.. >_> it's a lodge. A pretty lodge! :O and this place more pretty than a hotel I mean more more better la.. you want to know why?

Because in everyone's room (I think all the room la) got their own computer with INTERNET I don't know if my mom pay the internet but the hell la got INTERNET! :D so no need use broadband that can lag2 all the time >_< .

The bed is nice too. You should know that I like soft bed but the one I'm sleeping is way to soft! How will I turn to the side if I keep on sinking down? Haiz, hard la this going to the bathroom at night.

Don't mind the towel just came back from swimming. :) Happy bah me now because it's been a long time didn't went swimming.

I like the shower! oh the shampoo and soap I bought because I don't like to use theirs it smells weird..

Nonetheless, the bathroom is okay also mah keke. The next picture you gonna be surprise!

Got kitchen! :D LOL this place is like an apartment la. Oh yeah got aircon juga :p forgot to mention it..

Nah the food in the room also cheap (even if got more cheaper in kedai biasa) I wanted to take picture of all the resort here la but no time liao. Only a day here mommy going back tomorrow so I be living in my 2nd cousin's house until I go back NS. Huhu shy la me T__T so anyways wish me luck people and don't forget to go here huh! :D this place can be called paradise! ^__^ (for me la I didn't say for u). Oh damn forgot again @@ the name of the lodge is Cyberview Lodge. rm700 per nite so you pandai2 count la ;)

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