Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Stuck in the middle

I had trouble dealing with stuff. Sure I maybe the daughter of a lawyer but me and mum have our differences doesn’t mean we should be the same and for your information she and I is really not the same but it’s best for me not to say it any further. Okay enough about my mum, I’m trying to talk about how complicated life is for me. Sure there maybe obstacle I may face through in life but the thing I’m most afraid of me following with friends.

Mostly people call me ego sometimes but that only depends on my mood and my mood that time had it reason to be ‘ego’ towards you guys. We live in Malaysia, and here we can speak manglish or perhaps singlish if you feel like being Singaporean. My problem is I’m a blur girl >_> sometimes I can be stupid and other times talk as if I know stuff you know but that base on what I know from others, I listen.

The thing is I have a lot of troubles that I wish to talk about so I’m going to talk about it before getting ready to go to my new transferring camp in Papar (last time was in Selangor). So anyway, as I was saying I just don’t like to be treated weirdly :( until it makes me feels uncomfortable with this feeling. When I talk to you, why won’t you remember? And sure I know a lot may have a lot of different problem like me, so I understand.

(God, I’m feeling emo today) oh yeah I wanted to tell whoever that reads this that I had problem communicating now. The way I wrote now maybe just ‘alright’ but still it’s hard when there’s a lot of people like 'talking'. You know, I don’t blame them for talking Malay with me (of course this is malaysia after all), just when I speak that language more often I tend to forget some English words and always my grammar (for me) is on error. If you read one of my NS post you get confuse with what I’m trying to explain. I felt blonde!

In life right now I feel as if I’m a grandmother trap in an 18 year old body. I make a change la. Ish, I hate the way I am. So I'm off now see you guys in 3 weeks ;)


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