Thursday, August 06, 2009

Finally out from camp?

Woke up at 2.50am, Get ready before 4am, got in the bus, reach to the airport at 6 something then blah blah blah sampai already in Sabah at 10.05am. Really going to miss my camp! So okay I kept on babbling about me wanting to go back but I never knew it's going to happen that quickly.. this is the fault of the H1N1 outbreak that the camp (without a choice) is closing for a week. In my camp there are 4 people been kena by it(swine flu/H1N1) which make me scared because I don't want to catch that kind of decease! that why people that healthy (like me) should be sent home straight away and choose another camp that close from home!

That's why every time when I'm trying to get out of my dormitory everyone have to wear their mask.. activities is also been put on hold because a lot in my camp is sick with macam2 sickness. So the sick people will be isolated in one room so others that isn't sick can at least be safe a bit la. I tell ya la people, Camp Princess Haliza is the best camp yet! and you say all camp is strict. Well yeah :) except for this camp.. it just felt like in school only.. this camp is the best and omagosh I should be happy! :O (be jealous people kekeke)

Huhuhu T__T but thanks to this stupid outbreak my Khidmat Komuniti haven't finish yet lor. It's kinda like charity.. you help people or learn stuff.. and my first K.K field trip was going to Kindergarten which is so awesome! :D I get to see little cute children. Got a picture of them too.

Trainee teaching!

Brunch Time!

I tell ya it's not easy teaching little kids because some of them start's to get blur at what your saying. I spoke peninsular to them bah! not Sabahan.. because I know they will blur-out straight away xD . But I understand some was pretty shy ;) I was once like that too ya know.. Glad to experience being a kindergarten teacher for once.

What's next... hmmm oh.. and I went to see my friends going kayaking but I forgot when was it.

Giler wei!! the teacher looks so relax!

I didn't go kayaking because I don't want my arm to get hurt.. so I just sat on a log and snap some picture of them la. *Thinks* what other activities I have done.. *thinks thinks thinks* I think there's a lot of exciting activities in National Service just you have to find out for yourself to see how fun it is being there :] well if it's in Princess Haliza of course mah best~! First best camp ever!

Argh!! I'm really lazy to upload a lot of picture. So go to facebook to see more of my pictures la.

*got one funny dialouge that my friend say. we were in Jugra for shooting using M16. after shooting the soldiers will put our score on the bulletin.*

Coach: Olga.. berapa kamu dapat?
Olga: ALAH CIKGU!! *disappointed* 19 saja........
Coach: 19 je?? Kamu nie memang..
Olga: Ish! biar la! kalau timbak orang mati juga bah dia cikgu..

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