Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sushi King in 1 borneo

This was my first time to have had such good quality and variety of japanese food. Other kind in KK sucks, just too tasteless and expensive. Going to this place is worth it and the good part about going here is that it's cheap :) . Please if you ever hungry go to Sushi King :) .

I took a picture of a box of chopsticks. Oh while looking at my pictures really want to know if it's good enough.. I mean photography enough. Anyway, the last time I went to this (not here) japanese restaurant they just gave us each chopstick.. not like this one just ready all the chopstick in one box. I mean this is okay it means that the owner of the shop sayang the customers :p.

There's another thing!

If you lazy to wait for your food to arrive you can take some sushi or whatever that looks like sushi on the rotating thingy o.o . But.. there's good news and bad news.. the bad news you have to pay, but the good news is that it's cheap.. some of em just rm4.00 to something something >_> ..but I know it's cheap and also super duper delicious!! :D

These are my selected 2. Omg, make me feel like want to go to this awesome place again. Oh and there's baverage too but rather drink the old fashion way la.

I think it's water o.o although the water looks green but somehow it tasted like water! >_<

Finally my food have arrive. This cost only rm18+ but don't get me wrong la >_> got full set but forgot to take picture of egg pudding, ice cream, soup that is suppose to be one set with this. Guess was in a rush to eat :)

This picture is funny.. lol the picture of the fish bone means that it tries to warn us about...... a fish bone inside the food... hmm.. okay? >.>

By the way, we ordered a lot since it was cheap la. That's why in the picture you see like there's a lot this. After going out from here I then go and bought this.

I don't know why this year I'm obsess with bunnies nowadays and anyway.. bought this in a japanese shop (Daiso). And yeah yeah don't know why suddenly in a japanese mode today.

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