Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sex dolls in man's life

Trap at home like a princess in distress.. except this is the opposite.. just bored.. and totally not a princess.. just it be a fantasy to be a princess of a day though tee hee~ I think I should start blogging right? Since I got nothing to blog about… I think it be interesting on telling you guys some juicy facts.. there’d be some times I might be posting about story that make you go “wow” or “ewww” or “…. O.o” .. hehe well enough of that.. now, please scroll down and watch if you please ;p

Sex dolls in this japanese guys home.. assume to be his wives?

The hell with this guy.. I kinda understand how he feels when he cannot love real women probably he’s scared being hurt but still it’s freaky.. he’s such a psycho.. finding love, effection and sex with a bunch of sex dolls? It really makes me want to puke. I mean that obviously shows he has no life out of this world.

Lol, kinda like me but at least I’m not coo coo like him, he’s just way over the top. Anyway, I did search for random photos about old man with sex dolls.

How long did he been this desperate and heartbroken

Well you guys don’t have to depend on sex dolls that look like female to make you horny and such.. you could however go for a cheaper one that looks like a pig with a big hole at the back.. and I mean literally.








This guy seems to be enjoying it.


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