Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm a Hero?

I had a really odd dream.

First it started at my home. Somehow the atmosphere felt different.. it's not because I know that it is a dream or anything just it felt eerie, like I should be doing something.. in the room I saw few people we were thinking of making a team of investigation because of the murderer cases. We somehow thought that it might not be safe living in my home so we all pack stuff that we need. I saw my dog milky.. I just can't leave her all alone then this one guy strap her and put her on his back. Milky paws was relaxing on his head which makes it cute to see.. which is look so dangerous so I told him to give her to me.. at first in the dream I thought if I bring Milky she might bark at anything she see, heard or feel. But the one in my dream didn't? So the case became more and more convenient for us because everyone was cooperating including my dog ^_^

The search of the killer still hasn't come to an end so everyone decided to return home. Oh and the 3 people that I was with was 2 guys and my sister Sarah.. I have no idea how she likes to butt in at everything but I think there is a reason why she join us. I hate leaving someone I known alone I just got to tag her along. I'm very overprotective in real and in my dream tee hee. So at home I was with my sister in the room with Milky too. Have no idea what to do.. then I just figure that the door didn't lock downstairs so I ask Sarah about it and said she forgot. I scolded her what if someone gets in. When I went downstairs I saw my mum and the door was already lock was relieve a bit. Suddenly, out of no where I had this feeling like my sister Sarah was in trouble then I went up.. I saw her trying to get out while holding Milky.

When I say saw I meant like everything in my dream is just like an odd movie being film everywhere. Anyway, she was trying to turn the handle but it somehow got jam so I then quickly open it and she safely came out. Everyone was isolated downstairs.. and me trying to protect them then the light was out.. I told them to go outside which they did. Not to long the light went back on so I want them to go inside.. I saw mom was calling someone important. At a time like this when the killer is on the loose she's there working, geez. So I just thought that I have another door that I forgot to check when I was to that door I lift one finger and push it.. I got shock because it was open.. I try closing it but it somehow broken off but thankfully no one was out there yet. Then random people came in the picture and help me to put it back on.. I saw a cat beside me hissing at someone behind..

OMG! I realize my mother was alone calling at the back when I went to the kitchen I saw the kitchen door being open in my head "she's so stupid! why the hell did she open the door!" When I went out I saw a man. It was the killer! he holds a knife on his head almost wanted to stab my mother from behind while she's not noticing. I quickly pull his shirt and he drop his knife.. he look bald and his shirt was worn out.. why targeted my mom? I took the knife that he drop and look straight at him. He was pleading.. saying sorry for all that he did. Before he wants to have mercy I then thought to myself again "what should I do? if I use this sharp knife to attacked him I would faint, I hate killing people it gives me the shivers" He said he will change.. my mum came and told me that she knows him I was a bit surprise, she said something about that guy is her brother.

Was he on crack trying to kill her sister? but then I thought of letting him go because he did say he will change. Then I had a second thought that law is the law.. he kill numbers of people so I have no choice to take him in.. Uh oh.. I don't have a handcuff *sweat*

- The End -

Somehow this story has also a meaning to me in real life.

Sarah hair was long in my dream and in real life her hair was short because she's a jackass tomboy, when she was small her hair was long that time she was quiet and didn't cause any harm to anyone.. maybe its trying to tell me that no matter how irritating she might get she's always my little sister at heart

Then my mother.. she almost gotten killed by the killer! then now I realize I should always help her, I can't always depend her at everything.. she's a busy woman.. anything could happen..

The stories was somehow base on real life of mine.. but also :p in a game Persona 4 it's a bit similar bah, lol. And I did have an uncle who's steal back in my hometown.. and he did was a crime.. what does that mean? I shouldn't be helping a criminal? Yeah I think so.. whoever did a dirty crime will always have a price to pay.


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