Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm not Tarzan

Hey everyone! I’m like can’t wait to get started on my blogging. It’s been like forever! Even if it’s only been like 2 or 3 weeks in that lousy camp. Anyways, on the 30th of august I was at home for only a day because I forced my mum to bring me home when she visited me on the Sundays. It wasn't my idea to cuti for a day it was the coaches they say I and the other trainee should rehearse our closing celebration. Haih. Then nvm lor one day is good enough for me.

Oh the reason I didn’t online when I reach home its because my broadband was cut on that day until yesterday. Now I know that broadband isn’t free! Why the hell I thought they free oh?! But at least convenient la can bring here and there, right? Haih… don’t know why suddenly no energy today.

Let me show you my camp out la.

I was a bit excited about the camp out but still it reminded me of Tomb Raider so I must face any kind of danger just like Lara Croft! Hiak!! xD .

AHHH!!!!!! I GOT CUTS!!!!!!!!!! T______________________T

I don't think I want to go through any jungle ever again!!! WARGH!!!!! D'X My companies navigator is an idiot! How could she take us the long way to reach camp?! I went down the slippery hill full of mud and weird icky plants! D': my boot stinks! Dx cause I think it wasn't mud I'm stepping. My body rigs with jungle sweat! *sob* you don't know how much pain it is to be there... T-T

At last, we arrived juga.. the first thing we did was helping built up a tent for our small group. I'm in group 7 so our mission starts like 2 in the morning >.< if you want to know why we're so late =.= it's because the other small groups was late coming back.

Pretty right? this is where we be using the water from. So crystal clean I tell ya.

The picture above is..... the 'night' toilet and no way I'm taking the 'day' toilet! The night toilet it's like the only thing that everyone isn't using. *traumatize*

It's night time.. before that night I thought of something. "I wonder how it look like when it is dark inside the jungle" then I found out that it's extremely dark!! gosh, you've guys should have seen it. The stars was beautiful. I saw star constellation.. if I'm not mistaken I think it was Sagittarius or Scorpio?

I'm hungry now.. so I be stopping here. All I could say NS is great ;) even if I've been shifted to another camp -.-


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