Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A japanese boy gave me a kiss *shy*

It all started when I went out to get some fresh air. I hang out with some random people and I felt free for the first time because I don’t need anyone in my life at the moment. Got in to a bit of trouble because I guess I was too wild, lol. But it was worth experiencing something like that since I always stuck in my tower knowing the outside world can be too extreme. Strange? I know. Time pass by and it’s time to head home, out of no where I saw my little cousin I just can’t leave her alone so I decided to send her home first. On my way, I saw a shop I didn’t know existed so I went in to look around. It was a small shop fill with instruments and junk. At the counter I saw a middle old man, my first guess was he must be the owner of this shop. Oh there’s a boy there too he and the owner speak Japanese to each other.

I was like wow.. Japanese people! (Of course it’s normal to think that way) and the boy there look so cute.. let’s see if I can describe him.. he was a bit taller than me, in his gym wear, black hair.. not the perfect guy in the world but he is definitely cute and omg he’s Japanese but what’s the point.. I’m no match with other girls nowadays.. beside I’m on my time out in relationships. When I look outside I saw my ex boyfriend and here’s where the silly but oh-so heart-warming moment starts. I turn around real quick not to show my face to my ex then shockingly that Japanese boy was in front of me. I have no idea why he was in front of me though all I think about is that hoping my ex doesn’t see me. Suddenly! He(the Japanese guy) grabs my arms, look deeply into my eyes and gave me a deep passionate kiss. I felt like there’s a thousand fireworks shooting into the sky.. it was all a sudden but strangely an amazing feeling. When he look at me he then say ”s-sorry” in his cute accent. I was somehow just standing there looking very much in love smiling like a crazy person. So my cousin came in and drags me out but my expression still doesn’t change I just kept looking at him while my cousin tries her best to push me.

He just look at me with his innocent smile.. sigh, wish someone like that exist. Too bad it’s just a dream.. I be surprise if you people think this is real. Like duh.. my ex is in KL and I’m still in KK and it’s very rare for Japanese people be living in Sabah and I’d be crazy enough to think that my ex would come here. Cheh. I don’t think it would happen also. Being a girl sucks if your the one do everything for him. All guys ever do is like going closer to other girls and taking more picture with them than you. Hmph. I felt under appreciated. Opps! I'm sorry I'm sorry I should stop complaining about it.


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