Sunday, October 18, 2009

I refuse I refuse I refuse!

My part 2 trying to move on. Geez I hate making my blog into a love nonescene thingy whatever. Yes! I tried going out shopping doing everything I want!

Damn and still can't get you out of my mind but at least I'm not crying terribly like before I think I need more time. Not just that I feel like going out with my mates but unfortunately they all have started studies while mine starts on january next year... ish stupid NS.

I'm all alone going mad at home. Connection at home not connecting properly! I don't want to be like the movie 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'(I don't know if thats the last name) just she reminded me of myself but I never sleep with another guy and I think I'm more like her ex because I like DDR and silly music... it's painful to see an ex that you spend so much being with someone else?

I hate that movie! it has lowered my life span. Sooner or later I feel like dying but no... I don't want that to happen. Grr! I wanna listen to Paramore!

Although it might not show tat 'I got him' or destroying his new gf reputation or anything. It's just giving me this cool vibe showing to me that I should live on and enjoy life.


Lastly this..

She understand what everyone goes through.. I wish to be strong like her

PS: For the ever first time I rejected a guy that offers me to be his gf while I'm still single. Feels good though.. for saying 'no' to him I mean.. just hated being heart broken.


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