Friday, October 30, 2009

I like the name Momoka

I like the name Momoka so I gonna name myself that :). I've gotta forget about the past and start living forward like the cartoon I saw Meet The Robinson. But somehow I still keep on looking back whenever I felt like viewing my ex's profile in facebook. Sure you probably think I still love him but that's going to change for sure and it's for my own good also, I know myself better than anyone else.

I can't say that I'm liking being single just the only thing I don't like is that after a break up. Sigh, he look so happy at what he's doing now sarrounding by pretty girls. I guess that's why he don't want me back anymore because everything he want is there so I'm happy for him and I shouldn't be jealous about it anymore because it's really over.

So anyway why I need to be down in the dump for I'm not a widow lol. I have friends not to mention that I also need to achieve my goal in the future and that's not include finding a husband. Oh btw I probably need to change my layout again because I just felt like it. So anyway, today was just the same like any other boring day. Early in the morning I went to the kitchen and cooked myself fried noodle but it’s not really fried just been soaked haha oh and eggs too.

After eating I wait for a couple hours then start to work out. It wasn’t a long work out though because I tend to get tired real easily xD like 20 minute is enough for me. I then watched Keroro because I missed yesterday’s episode so luckily the re-run is on 11am yay! I just love those reptiles. Oh I heard there’s a Halloween Party but unfortunately I can’t go because I don’t want people looking at my figure when I wear any costume -.-“ wish I could lose some pound! D: huhuhu! >_< and that’s why everyday I try controlling my eating habits and exercise on daily bases.

It’s almost evening and still no clue on what to do. I was hella bored! So I decided to steal I mean borrow some of my sister’s make ups and camwhore in my room.

I want new hair, I don’t like having long black hair anymore I felt like doing something new with it. Hey people take a look at my Halloween face.

Sorry I have to edit this because my original picture can’t see clearly. So choose which is better? But somehow both look extremely hideous xD well that’s the point of Halloween lar. Next time I try making myself look like a zombie :p. oh I just remembered when daddy just got from Bangkok he bought me a handphone case. It was blank at first but then



I sew it. It’s not complete yet and I know lar look very noob hehe. Okay that's my normal day. Sorry if it not very exciting.


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