Thursday, October 15, 2009

Love has it limits

I’m surprise who texted me last night.. and maybe you wanna know who, yes?

Well it was Teacher Thye, he thought us moral back at NS princess haliza. Can’t you believe it? Haha, not only that it was 8.57pm and I was asleep.. well almost.. sure it was early but I had issue with something and because of that issues it made me woke up at 2 something am. I can’t sleep I had to talk about it to someone but this time it has to be a guy I’m tired talking problems to girls I need a new way to keep my confidents up a little so that is to talk about it to a guy.

You don’t know how relieve I was after saying my heart out to Megat. He’s such an awesome friend listening to my problem unlike Ming Ming already sent 2 messages and suddenly he disappear but I guess I should understand lar it is late maybe he was really sleepy after coming back from work. Sigh, okay I’m tired of hiding the facts. I ‘was’ still with Roshan but now officially break up and this time for real. He found someone else.. out of no where he confesses to me that he dated someone behind my back while we were still together.

I don’t want to tell anyone including my closes friends, I’m sorry. There’s reason I did this it was because I sense that we might be breaking up again and I’m embarrass to tell people

hey we finally back together
hey erm….. we broke up

It’s like a circle of an unending love that I still not sure yet if we are really meant for each other and now the circle has finally broken. So everyone I’m okay now.. for now at least.. just I hope I wont end up having another relationship with someone else for the time being. I’m too scared that it might happen again, however I need to relax and heal myself. Oh and I start exercising I need to get back in shape.. I don’t want to let a guy pleasure me all the time so I hope I can live my life being single and happy all the time.

God give me the strength to move on! Feel like changing my number.


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