Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Strangely, I'm Pink.

If you must know anything about me, I’m the kind of girl that likes thinking a lot. Thinking cause me stress and whenever I’m stress I start getting a lot of blemishes and spots on my face not forgetting losing amount of hair T_T.

Here’s the unpleasant picture that you people might not like to see. I’m also upset with how I look if only I don’t have this kind of condition, sigh. Just no matter how many times I go for facial it still coming back. I just can’t stop thinking about it you know so I play with make ups to calm myself.

I saw one of my friend’s blog and she’s pretty good at Gyaru Make Up.

It somehow inspires me to try it too. So I went to Daiso to buy some stuff. The reason I buy in Daiso is that everything I want is there, believe me everything is there not just beauty products. Here is my simple cheap stuff I bought to look Gyaru.

I chose the thick Eye Lashes because it stands out more than the thin one and make sure if you buy this it must have glue inside of it as well(I don’t know what they call it I just call it ‘glue’ only lar). Please just don’t use the real glue otherwise it won’t come off and aside from that it hurts your skin but I know your not entirely that stupid :P.

Liquid Eye Liner is very good, this make your eyes look pretty when you’re applying your lashes on.. it’s hide the fakeness. If you think using liquid is hard just buy the pencil one but I tell you la liquid more quicker if you’re good at handling it.

And of course what can we do without Eye Shadows. This can also be use for foundation. I don’t know where to find the real one(foundation) but when I have time I try and go buy lor maybe at Daiso have already. As I continue..

If you look at my skin properly in this picture there’s a difference.. don’t you think my skin look like it been tanned? Not just that you can’t even see my zits, scars and panda eyes, right? (probably the heavy make up I use or camera that makes a bit blur maybe) Well thanks to make up anyway.. ^-^ that I look more nicer than before hehe.. Sorry.. I also hate sounding annoying when I said that. So anyway, here’s a video I found in YouTube to make you look Gyaru it teaches about the eyes.

I didn’t make a video because I don’t have enough confidents to show my face yet so I let you show a picture instead. Here’s a simple trick that’s cheap. There’s a lot of different lipstick that girls like spending on so I have a new simpler way to safe budget.

First you apply lipstick on your lip. (By the way if you’re really doing this I must warn you that it might ‘stain’ if your lip touches anything like drinking from a glass, eating food or anything that’s got to do with your lips.)

Next you choose which colour from the make up set but as for me I choose the silver.

Lastly you rub everywhere on your lip. (Sorry.. I’m just bad at explaining)

Amazing how fake eye lashes combine with eye liner make your eyes look bigger wei :D

Well I should stop right here. All I could say now is that I need extension because my hair looks so thin huhu.. @__@ haiz.. wish I have the money to dye my hair golden brown.. if can lar. So hope you enjoy the tutorial.. well I think it’s a tutorial to me.. I think it’s mostly an introduction on Gyaru lol. If you need more info on this just google’d it out.

Good night my peeps lotsa love from me :3


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