Sunday, November 01, 2009

Japanese friend and Broadband

Yesterday I met Hiromi-san she’s from Japan coming to Sabah because of work. I was surprise that my mom got a friend from Japan and never mentions anything to me about it but I’m glad I met her before she goes back. She even gave us a present for the whole family.

I don’t know what this calls because it was written in Japanese. Hiromi-san brought it all the way from Japan. Oh and I forgot to tell you that she can speak Malay and she speak real fluently :O I mean that’s amazing but her accent still has a bit from her country lar, haha xD. I hope to snap a picture with her but there’s a reason for that, my mom cannot stop bragging about me she told Hiromi-san how much I love going to Japan and anything to do with Japan lar. I was embarrassed that my confident to ask her is gone -__-

Oh well never mind at least I got her Facebook, right now I’m waiting for her approval lol I never knew Japanese people is so funny, the way she speak and do her imitation while she speaks just plain funny xD . I like when she greets me she bows and say

Namma sayo Hiromi

For a lady that’s over 25+ her voice sounded so cute lol. Almost forgot there’s an uncle also with her I think it could be her friend or boyfriend I don’t know all I know that guy is a local in Sabah he can speak Dusun, English, Malay and Japanese. So okay lar enough about that after saying sayonara to Hiromi-san and her friend we (my daddy and mom) go to 1borneo to subscribe for broadband.

I felt like a ninja in 1borneo because I saw one of my ex so I ran around the mall like a weirdo and then I think to myself I should probably get to the DiGi centre otherwise my parents would kill me for keeping them waiting.

Even if broadband is cheaper than streamyx it still cannot download online games because of its GB but you could still play games that’s like in Facebook so don’t worry. After telling one of the workers about broadband then he needs to know how old I am, I think 18 above can subscribe already but I still not sure he even said since I’m 18 and a student the plans he chose for me is Explore with free modem.

If you take Discover then you have to pay the modem. The fees is rm100 if you take Explore and every month have to pay rm88 I say that’s good enough already lor.

Okay so after finish with signing some papers and listening to some advices I then got my broadband! This can be use anywhere you want to bring except the place that's not in town lar. By the way I saw this one new cute pink phone I bag my mom to buy it for me and if she buys me that I promise never to use her money ever again, its rm339! And it still looks brand new and I don’t care if it’s made from china it still looks like a good quality phone. Sigh, but unfortunately… they didn’t buy god dammit! When almost my mom want to buy T___T if only my daddy wasn’t so much of a cheapskate I felt abandon.. I never burden my parents also.

Beside I rarely go out nowadays how come they buy everything for my siblings and not me? I never bought a rm50, 000 car. I never bought a hp that’s cost almost rm1000 this is just one thing and its just rm339. *sit in dark corner whimpering* I just don’t get it. I think my sibling did most of the burden pretending to be nice outside and at home is like they coming back to hell.

It’s true my luck is 57% that’s just so fuck. Okay I sounded so spoiled blek. I’m okay lar I need alone time.


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