Monday, June 01, 2009

Jalan-Jalan in Kuching

Kuching(cat) goes Meow Meow and SHHHEHEHH!!! *scratch*

Well... to me Kuching boleh2 la for me, I cannot underestimate Sarawak anymore. I find stuff that can’t be found in Sabah and also some already have in Sabah. Even weirder... prices there a bit cheap hor. There’s this gothic hat I found was so cute and I really want it, it cost only rm75.99 but due to my mom >_> bebel a lot I like have to forcefully not buying it T_T.

You think Sabah got this good bargain meh?? But the hat can only be found in Cindy at The Spring there. So anyway, from my last post I was in the restaurant and after that I wanted to roam around inside Sarawak Plaza.

Shyt forget to show you what mall that I was in. Here you will find the buffet there :] so if you see this mall go in k?! :D if don’t want also can

In the mall when I passed some random shops I saw an old lady and an old guy holding hands.

I think it’s cute leh~

:] they’re love is still moving on. Oh and I saw something that probably make Ben from Ben 10 cry la!

Ben is way cuter than this la! =_= why they mess up Ben’s face like this! NOO!

Freaking people my favorite cartoon show they have to corrupt his cute face, haiz. So then I saw a CD shop full with anime merchandise and CD’s/DVD’s.

A bit small la the place but believe me when I say that they have a lot! ^_^

I saw La cordo Doro’s CD! And it’s not anime but real people acting as them omgosh!! :O why the hell didn’t I buy it?! Stupid me! >_< *hits head on the table*. in the shop I bought this.

For lovers :] I will give to that special person if he deserves it

Don’t forget to catch my next place to visit leh. Going to go to this shops from the other side of the river just to buy Kek Lapis(Lapis Cake). Be inform that I’m stepping in a place where Kek Lapis been first discovered hor. (can’t believe it started in Sarawak >_>)

By the way here's a picture of Waterfront in Kuching.

They only open at night leh. So long they put the table o.o right? if in KK the waterfront not like this (even if clean) but still more nicer than this one! :] (even if KK's one is small >_> lol)

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