Monday, June 01, 2009

Hartz Chicken Buffet

A great place to dine with family or friends :]

Ignore the KFC.. the reflection somehow kena it oh

This place is so awesome leh :D at first I want to eat at KFC but my aunt and mom want to go here so can't complain lo. Pictures is prohibited here only when it already on your table then you could take. Here are some pictures that not suppose to be taken but I want to be naughty and show you anyway.

Everything here is self service so you don't have to count on the workers there to give you less or more ;]

The guy that works there told me not to take but I guess he was to late hehe ;] . God I'm so evil~! xD (konon) Here is what I select xD .

The food is so good oh! But next time D: never ever I want to eat a spicy chicken again -_- I hate ultraly spicy food..

There's dessert too and it's my second fav! ^_^ chocolate!

And the best thing is that whatever you take is unlimited.. how many round also you wont have to pay extra uncluding the drinks hor! :D . Rm17.70 per entry I even calculated it .

Since there's 4 people they should pay rm70.80 owh

Sarah is not adult la! D: but in Sarawak they say 14 above already adult and have to pay extra -_- same goes when I go to Cultural Village. The food so good I just got to go for another round! :D

Too bad didn't finish it though :/


And it looks so lousy 1! that what my auntie say xD

Definitely not like the one in Sabah. :] if only KK one day got HCB also :O can go eat eat with friends! :D

PS for the faggots: Please -.- I freaking lazy to write properly in english ok? stop telling me to write properly. This isn't your blog! is this your blog?! then just shut up la hoes!

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