Tuesday, November 03, 2009

I'm a single mom

This is my lovely daughter. I adopted her in Daiso. I saw her near the counter with other of her brothers and sisters. I choose her because there's a love patch on her eye, I think it's kinda cute so I decided to buy her. She's is not alone though

I have another child and I found him in this big shop at 1Utama. Love em so much ^__^ haha shock when I put my title like that? Please la I wouldn't want to have a child with a guy also I rather be a single mom and adopt a child for myself (I'm not lesbian). Okay then aside from it all, I bought something from Daiso.

FOUNDATION!! I did mention about it in my simple gyaru make-up so there you go at Daiso have already! well probably long already or I just didn't notice it haha. Anyway I have bought this too.

Rough pink Gel! yay! XD so glittery I love it.


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